Apple iPhone

An iPhone offers built-in versatility for business and personal use. Each model is loaded with advanced features and an endless selection of apps. Users can easily perform multiple tasks on a single device. Parents looking to add a new line to keep tabs on children or executives needing a portable business solution while traveling will find Staples has a variety of Apple iPhone models and accessories to help them stay connected.

More Storage Space for Taking Pictures, Videos and More

Depending on the model and version, the iPhone comes with ample storage space ranging from 4GB to 128GB. Apps, videos and pictures quickly consume space, so if you enjoy downloading the latest games or use lots of resource-hungry apps for business, consider a model with lots of storage.

HD Display for Crystal-Clear Clarity

iPhone screen sizes range from 4 to 5.5 inches depending on the model. All have a Retina HD display with either 1334 x 570 or 1920 x 1080 resolution for crisp viewing of web pages and apps. Larger screen sizes on the Apple iPhone give users more viewing space to play games or view business reports, and a big screen is a must if you do a lot of reading on your device.

Advanced Features to Improve Productivity

Advanced features help users accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently. The 3-D touch feature available on the iPhone 6 and 6s models works intuitively, sensing the amount of pressure you apply and using it to determine the appropriate function. Using this feature, iPhone users can access app options by hovering over the icon without having to open the app. Built-in LTE improves operation speed, particularly when browsing the web, sharing pictures on social media or downloading and playing games. Touch ID tightens up security, using fingerprint recognition technology to identify the user and grant access. A backup password function ensures that you can always access your device when necessary.

Front and Rear Cameras for Capturing Important Moments

Like most smart devices, Apple's iPhone has front and rear iSight cameras that come in handy for taking photos and videos at a moment's notice. FaceTiming between devices or video conferencing via various apps, such as Skype, is also possible. With Focus Pixels, the picture automatically focuses, eliminating blurriness, and the True Tone feature uses amber LED lights to improve the balance of the white saturation for a more true-to-life photo or video regardless of the time of day. Some iPhone models let users record in slow motion to add a dramatic effect to videos.

Accessories for Staying Connected

Many accessories coordinate with and complement the Apple iPhone. Portable chargers and car chargers keep the device full of power while you're on the go, and USB cables make importing videos and pictures seamless. While iPhones don't use traditional SD cards for expanding memory, there are adapters available that help expand space capabilities in a pinch. A variety of iPhone cases help protect the device from shocks, drops and bumps, and skins add a touch of personalization.

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