Phones & Accessories

Once capable only of making and receiving calls on the go, cell phones are now more akin to portable supercomputers than simple phones. Because of their high number of features, and high price tag, it's important to get the right accessories to make the most of and to protect your cell phone.

How Can You Make the Most Out of Cell Phones and Accessories?

Whether you’re talking on a conference call or just chatting with a friend, you need to have the right cell phones and accessories to make sure everyone can hear you loud and clear.

Accessories make life better through functionality or style, supplementing your devices as you need. For example, phone cases protect your device against the wear and tear caused by everyday use.

At Staples, you will find a wide selection of phones and accessories including cases, chargers and connectors, headsets, adapters and more. You can shop by type of accessory or shop by the type of phone including cell phones, office phones and handset phones.

What Kind of Phones and Accessories Are Available?

Staples has the right phone accessory for you, whether you want better ergonomics, protection or audio capabilities. Or, if you need a new office phone, you can choose from a range of simple and complex phone systems.

Here are some of the more popular phones and accessories you’ll find at Staples:

Cell Phones and Phone Plans: When you're getting ready to invest in new cell phones for the office, you should consider the range of unlocked, no-contract phones that offer plenty of flexibility. Unlocked phones work with most wireless carriers, allowing users to focus on features and technology rather than a mobile plan or contract. If you want a phone capable of taking photos to share on social media, most smartphone cameras have megapixel counts as high as many digital cameras. However, you’ll also find simpler cell phones and accessories at Staples if you value stable communication over features.

Conference Phones: Conference phones are ideal for companies who have group conference calls. These types of office phones are specifically made to easily pick up multiple voices within one room. They also have speakers that allow everyone in the room to hear the caller on the other end.

Phone Cases: Investing in sturdy cell phone cases protects your team’s devices against drops and impacts. Staples offers a wide range of cell phone cases from trusted manufacturers like LifeProof, OtterBox, Apple, i-Blason and more. Shop for rugged cases that provide protection for use outdoors, near water or at a job site.

If you want to protect your phone with a touch of style, consider choosing from the range of colors and patterns available at Staples. Other phone cases have built in features that allow you to mount your phone or grip it easier with grip-assist characteristics like built-in rings.

Office Phones: Office phones make it easy to reach out to customers for efficient conversations. A landline phone provides good call quality and reduces the need for providing mobile devices throughout the office.

Office Phone Accessories: Use office phone accessories so your customers can hear you clearly during conversations. Headsets and earpieces help you multitask so you can type, write and perform tasks on touch-screen tablets while speaking to customers.

Phones: Staples carries a wide variety of phones for office and home use. Wireless phones are a popular choice due to their mobility, and corded phones are ideal for those who take calls from the same place, such as receptionists. Phones with a desk base are available if you want to dock your phone on a table and wall-mountable options are available if you prefer hanging your phone on a wall. Most phones come with an easy-to-read screen, caller ID and an answering machine.