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Apple TV

Apple products have changed how people use phones, computers and tablets. The Apple TV does the same with the television viewing experience. Staples sells a range of models for different storage and viewing needs.

Use Apps, Play Games and Listen to Music

The Apple TV accommodates many types of entertainment beyond television and movies. Users can set up the home screen to include different apps, movies and shows for quick access. The device provides full access to the App Store and Apple Music in addition to purchased music, games and apps. When the TV is inactive, the device displays full-color high-definition landscapes and photographs to create a relaxing environment.

Enjoy High-Definition Video and Fast Processors

Whether a viewer is playing a game or watching a movie, clear video makes it easy to enjoy every detail on the screen. This Apple device displays video in a high-definition 1080p resolution. Each model of the Apple TV comes with a different processor. The Apple TV 3rd-generation model uses a single-core A5 chip, while the 4th-generation model features a dual-core A8 chip. These high-speed processors allow the TV to respond quickly to requests, run apps in the background and buffer streaming media.

Voice Control Offers Convenience and Easy Navigation

One of the most convenient features of the Apple TV is voice control. The 4th-generation model comes with Siri. While using the TV, viewers can ask Siri for recommendations, search for media and open apps. This saves time and helps people find what they need without searching each app separately. If you request a show or movie, Siri can search iTunes, Netflix, Hulu and other apps at one time. Siri also works during a movie or show. While watching, a viewer can ask Siri to repeat the last line, turn on closed captions or adjust the volume.

Advanced All-in-One Remote and tvOS are User-Friendly

Voice control is a popular feature for navigating the Apple TV, but both the Apple TV 3rd-generation model and the Apple TV 4th-generation model have standard remote options as well. Both devices include a Bluetooth 4.0-enabled remote. This feature means that viewers do not have to point the remote at the TV to utilize it. It senses remote input from anywhere in the room. The 4th-generation remote offers a swipe surface, which lets you navigate the TV screen by swiping your thumb across it. This user-friendly option allows viewers to select intuitively and click on an app. The Siri Remote also works as a universal remote so that viewers can control multiple media sources with just one device. The Apple TV runs tvOS, which uses the core features and structure of iOS to make the TV feel like an iPhone or iPad. With iCloud and syncing options, users can access their data and apps on any connected Apple device.

The Apple TV takes television from something you watch and turns it into something you do. Browse Staples to find Apple TV models that suit a wide range of viewing habits and preferences.

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Apple TV 4K Assorted Storage
Item : SS7414749
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As low as $179.00
Multiple options available
Apple TV (4th Generation) 32GB
Item : SS4298817
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  • With Siri and just your voice, it’s easy to find movies and TV shows, navigate onscreen, control playback, and get sports, stocks, and weather information
  • New Siri Remote with Touch surface makes navigating fast and fluid
  • Search across popular apps at once, so you don’t need to go in and out of apps
As low as $149.00
Multiple options available
Apple TV (3rd Generation)
Item : 164144
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  • Stream Internet media on demand
  • Link to iTunes for expanded movie and music selection
  • Sets up in minutes with customizable settings