Avery Binders

Avery Binders are the perfect solution for everything from everyday referencing and business documents to storing classroom notes and recipes. These high-quality binders are made by Avery Products, one of the most trusted names in office and school supplies.

A Variety of Styles and Sizes to Fit Your Needs
Avery Heavy-Duty Binders are perfect for frequent, extended use. These extra-strong binders feature One Touch EZD® locking rings that open and close easily, and keep your papers secure. The binders also offer four interior pockets for extra storage. Avery Durable Binders are designed to be stronger than basic binders and feature a tear-resistant spine and more flexible, split-resistant edges, while the Economy binders offer no bubbling or surface wrinkles, and a tear-resistant cover that is fully adhered and features a textured pattern. The pages lie flat because rings are mounted on the rear binder panel instead of on the spine.

What sizes do Avery Binders come in?
The 3-ring binders are available with ring sizes of ½-inch, 1 inch, 1-½ inch, 3 inch, 4 inch and 5 inch.

What are the DuraHinge™ and DuraEdge™ binder features?
Heavy-Duty and Durable Binders feature the DuraHinge and DuraEdge designs. The DuraHinge design on the binder spine is stronger, lasts longer and resists tearing. The DuraEdge feature offers a more pliable top and side edge that resists splitting. The deep texture film offers a smoother finish and features a linen pattern for superior look and feel.

What are One-Touch EZD® Rings?
Many Avery Heavy-Duty Binders feature One-Touch EZD rings. The rings open with ease and keep documents secure. They also hold 40-50% more paper than standard rings. Just pull the lever to open the rings for adding, replacing and removing pages. Then push to lock the rings in place.

Are Avery Binders customizable?
Yes, the View Binders are available in both heavy-duty and durable styles and have covers that can be customized using the free, easy-to-use templates and designs at avery.com/templates. View binders are customizable on the front cover, back cover and spine. It is a great way for kids to personalize their back-to-school binders to fit their style and mood. For businesses, Avery binders are a great way to create professional looking proposals and presentations.

Does Avery make specialty size binders?
Avery makes 11 x 17 inch binders to keep tabloid-size pages secure. Avery also makes extra-wide binders to completely cover sheet protectors and dividers.

What is the best binders to use for presentations?
If you are assembling more than one binder or need to make changes often, the Avery Heavy Duty View binder with One Touch locking EZD rings makes it quick and easy to assemble multiple binders or make daily changes. The Avery Framed View Binder offers the same durability of Avery’s Heavy Duty View Binder, and it is ideal for creating professional-looking binders for presentations.

Are Avery binders non-stick and archival safe?
Yes, all Avery Durable View and Heavy Duty View Binders feature non-stick polypropylene.