BIC Pens

The right writing implement makes any task flow more smoothly, whether you're taking notes during a meeting or marking errors on a rough draft. BIC pens come in a range of styles and colors for use by students, office workers and teachers.

Bic Pens Have Vivid, Bold Inks
Write in vivid hues with a pen from Bic. Available ink colors include blue and black, which are preferable for completing homework and taking notes that will be shared. For correcting assignments and making proofreaders' marks, opt for bright red ink. Teens enjoy nontraditional hues such as turquoise, purple, lime and pink for writing notes to friends and doodling. When you need to use multiple colors for one task, consider a four-color pen that lets you switch hues with just the push of a button.

The pen's point influences the look of your writing. Point thicknesses range from 0.5 to 1.6 millimeters, and thicker points create thicker lines. Marker pens with tips made of soft materials deliver rich, bold lines with heavy ink coverage. Ballpoint pens have a small ball in the tip that rolls over the page for smooth writing that dries quickly. Bic's Gel-ocity pens feature retractable tips that help keep the ink inside the pen fresh and their patented gel ink creates bright, clear lines.

Keep your favorite pen ready to use at all times with a supply of Bic ink refills. They are easy to load and are available for gel pens, ball pens and four-color pens. Bic's Easy-Glide ink is designed to be exceptionally smooth, flowing easily through the pen tip throughout extended note-taking sessions and writing projects.

Features for Enhanced Usability
Bic pens with ergonomic grips are comfortable to hold throughout the workday. Even basic models come in soft-barrel versions that don't slip in the hand. Some pens have rubberized barrels with slightly raised grips that are easy to hold but still offer a slim profile.

For versatility, opt for a pen with a built-in tech stylus on one end. Use the stylus on your phone or tablet's touchscreen to enjoy enhanced precision with no fingerprints left behind. Kids can benefit from the ergonomically designed Bic Kids stylus, which features a thick and easy-to-grip barrel that was created for small hands.

For easy portability, some Bic pens come with a lanyard hole. Attach a lanyard and wear this pen around your neck so it's close at hand for making quick notes throughout the day. Alternatively, many pens have clips that keep them securely in place in your pocket.

Designed for Style
Select a fashion pen that complements your work materials so you look put together at every meeting. Attractive, high-quality plastic barrels come in colors such as black, navy, silver and more. Teens love Bic pens in vibrant pastels and bold primary colors. Even budget-friendly Bic Clic Stic pens are available in multicolor packs, with shades including green, blue and pink. Pens with clear barrels have a modern look with a practical advantage, letting you see how much ink is left with a quick glance.