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From bath toys to games and puzzles, playing with toys expands your children's minds and promotes their creative freedom. Toys build their imaginations and can help make learning difficult subjects more fun. With hand puppets and racing sets, your kids can have fun and stay entertained for hours.

Bathtub Fun
Lure your kids into the bath with fun water toys. From educational shapes to farm animals, each toy floats and keeps kids entertained while bathing. Watch as they build a floating house with bathtub building blocks, and help make their bath more colorful with wet-and-stick wall pieces. After a fun bath, store the toys in a bath organizer.

Outdoor Play
Entice your children to go outside and play with items like sports balls to pogo sticks. Keep them busy in the yard with a football, or let them play high-impact games safely with foam balls, which are great for younger kids. Playing with outdoor toys keeps your children moving, so they get exercise and have fun at the same time. Many of these toys can fit easily in a toy box, which helps keep your children's rooms tidy.

Educational Toys
Kids love scientific toys like grow-your-own crystals sets. Help them discover the stars and planets with an outer space kit, and build their cognitive skills with a set of memory cards. Educational toys for young children mimic the sights and sounds of the world around them. A toy with colorful shapes teaches the difference between a square and a circle, and a plastic or wooden food set helps kids learn about healthy eating.

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