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Working at a desk or sitting behind the wheel can affect posture and health. Adding back supports to office chairs and vehicle seats enhances comfort and encourages an upright seated posture that can relieve fatigue and reduce back and shoulder stress while working. Explore the seating accessories available at Staples® and find back supports for office chairs or car seats from brands such as Fellowes® and Flash Furniture®.

Enhance Seated Comfort With Back Supports
These products include lower back pads that improve lumbar support, full-size cushions that provide an extra layer of padding across the entire backrest, and combination back and seat cushions that increase the comfort of worn car seats or office chairs. Most models feature fabric or mesh covers that keep users cool while they work. Memory foam padding provides uniform support and eliminates pressure points. Many products have treated upholstery that helps reduce odors and prevents stains.

Versatile Back Supports Meet Any Seating Needs
Office chairs and car seats come in many shapes and sizes, and back cushions adjust to fit most seating. Most office chair pads come in neutral colors that blend into any business decor, while car seat cushions come in hues that match the range of colors found in vehicle interiors.

What Other Features Do Back Supports Have?
Cushions and pads give extra support, but some models take comfort a step further. Products with built-in massage and heat features help relax back muscles and turn an office chair into a private spa. Select pads have fill material users can heat in a microwave or cool in a refrigerator. They provide personalized climate control.

How Do You Install Back Supports?
Most of these products have adjustable straps that wrap around existing backrests or seat cushions. They hold the support in place securely and fit a broad range of chairs. Some vehicle seat cushions supplement straps with non-skid backings that help keep the cushion in place. They also have bendable steel frames that adjust to fit the bench and bucket seats found in trucks, buses, cabs, and cars.

How Do Back Supports Improve Posture?
The human spine is curved and sitting in a chair for many hours can alter its natural shape. A lumbar support has extra padding that reinforces the natural inward curve of the lower spine. Using one reduces stress on the lower back and encourages an upright posture that can enhance mental focus and relieve shoulder and neck fatigue.

Do Back Supports Need Much Space?
Back cushions have slim designs that take up very little space. Most are less than 3 inches thick. These compact pads provide the extra support needed in problem areas without affecting the overall comfort of office chairs or vehicle seats.

What Are the Advantages of Mesh Back Supports?
While most back cushions use breathable materials, mesh supports take air circulation a step further. They feature an open weave material stretched over a rigid frame. The fabric provides firm, even support that flexes as the user moves. The breathable fabric allows air to move freely along the back and shoulders, keeping employees cool while they work.
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