Barron'S All About Techniques Series Techniques In Calligraphy (9780764163883)

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About this product

Art instruction books in this increasingly popular series are written especially for advanced students and professionals. They present a virtual treasure house of techniques that, when mastered by the artist, produce a finished artwork that has an unmistakable professional appearance. All About Techniques in Acrylics analyzes and describes the wealth of exciting possibilities available to artists who paint with plastic-based pigments. These pigments can be used to imitate the qualities of other media as diverse as oils and watercolors, while retaining a quality and brightness that is all their own.All About Techniques in Oils begins with advice on choosing pigments, canvas, and equipment, then shows you how to use brushes, knives, and other artists' tools. You'll come to understand the theory of color and its combinations, then be guided step by step in creating landscapes, portraits, nudes, still lifes, animal illustrations and mor.

  • Great for students and professional
  • A treasure house of techniques
  • Describes a wealth of possibilities with acrylics
  • title: Techniques in Calligraphy