Battery Backup & UPS

Reduce the change of power spikes and surges damaging equipment with battery backup and UPS devices. Uninterrupted power supplies allow you to save data and safely power down equipment when outages occur. Choose models with multiple outlets for offices large and small.

Protect Your Data
Reduce the impact of power outages using battery backup and UPS devices designed to give workers extra time to save their work in progress. Choose models that connect serial or USB devices, or gain extra versatility with models designed to accommodate both modes of connectivity. Multiple outlets allow extra data security for every computer in your office space, ensuring critical data still gets saved even during potentially damaging events, such as storms.

Extended Power
Choose battery backup and UPS systems with the extra time you need specifically for your office's need. Small offices without large amounts of equipment benefit from backup run times of up to 20 minutes for a single desktop computer, or more powerful devices can be used that feed power to multiple devices that add up to 20 minutes of run time for one machine or up to 5 minutes for multiple servers. These devices recharge fully in a few hours, keeping your office running smoothly.

Reduce the Risk of Damage
Select battery backup and UPS systems designed to protect valuable equipment in your office against potentially damaging spikes and surges. Some options include LCD screens that keep you up to date on power loads, ensuring you have the data needed to reduce the risk of equipment damage. These options protect your desktop computers and servers and feature ports to protect your network and phone lines.