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GlassMetalPlasticStainless Steel
Koolatron Miracle Blender (MBLS-01)
Item #23973928
Model #MBLS-01
  • Chop, mix, peel, whip, grind, grate, or blend with one appliance
  • Works in just seconds
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Starfrit 024300-004-0000 Personal Blender (SRFT024300)Starfrit 024300-004-0000 Personal Blender (SRFT024300)
Item #24327642
Model #SRFT024300
  • Blending blade crushes ice into snow in seconds—ideal for frozen drinks & smoothies
  • Grinding blade is Ideal to grind coffee beans, nuts & spices
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Brentwood Appliances 14-ounce Personal Blender(Jb-191bl)
Item #24418413
Model #BTWJB191BL
  • 180 Watts
  • 1-touch Operation
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Black & Decker® 6-Cup Countertop Blender, Black (BL2010BG)
Item #24254472
Model #BL2010BG
  • Countertop blender adds a powerful punch to any kitchen
  • Dimensions: 13.39"H x 9.52"W x 8.27"D
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Hamilton Beach® Power Elite Blender with Easy-Pour Spout
Item #990198
Model #58148
  • 4 mix speeds: puree, dice, crush, ice
  • 700 watts
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Black & Decker® PowerCrush 6-Cup Multi-Function Countertop Blender, White/Silver (BL1220SG)
Item #24254473
Model #BL1220SG
  • Multi-function countertop blender
  • Dimensions: 15.67"H x 6.1"W x 7.68"D
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Cuisinart SmartPower Duet 48 Oz. Blender, Gray (BFP-703BC)
Out of Stock
Item #24468595
Model #BFP-703BC
  • Smart and versatile blender with food processor functions blends, purees, chops, mixes, and liquefies all with the push of a button
  • 48-oz. glass blender jar, removable 2-oz. measuring cap on blender jar lid
Cuisinart SmartPower 32 Oz. Blender, Gray (CPB-300P1)Cuisinart SmartPower 32 Oz. Blender, Gray (CPB-300P1)
Out of Stock
Item #24468589
Model #CPB-300P1
  • Compact portable blender to make smoothies in a flash, mince herbs, or grind up flax in the chopping cup
  • 32-oz. blender jar, 8-oz. chopping cup, and set of four 16-oz. travel cups
Cuisinart Velocity Ultra Trio 56 Oz. Blender/Food Processor, Gray (BFP-650GM)Cuisinart Velocity Ultra Trio 56 Oz. Blender/Food Processor, Gray (BFP-650GM)
Out of Stock
Item #24468583
Model #BFP-650GM
  • Three-in-one blender and food processor with travel cups; blender's smart power and sophisticated electronics enable you to mince delicate herbs, whip up smoothies, and even chop ice to a fine powder
  • 56-oz. blender jar, two 16-oz. travel cups
Cuisinart Velocity Ultra 56 Oz. Blender, Gray (SPB-650)Cuisinart Velocity Ultra 56 Oz. Blender, Gray (SPB-650)
Out of Stock
Item #24468643
Model #SPB-650
  • Sleek and powerful blender great for mixing or grinding at home
  • 56-oz. blender jar tight-seal lid with 2-oz. measuring cap
Blenders chop and crush food to aid preparers when cooking for one person or catering for many individuals. These appliances, available in several types and colors, help cooks reduce food preparation time. Staples­® offers a broad selection of blenders along with other small kitchen appliances, such as food processors and toasters.

Compare Types of Blenders
Heavy-duty machines break down fruits, vegetables, and other whole-size foods into small pieces or liquids. Hand mixers have powerful blades to crush ice, blend ingredients, and grind foods such as nuts or coffee. These high-performance appliances help home and restaurant cooks prepare meals or mix beverages such as smoothies and frozen drinks. Hand blenders contain rods to stir milkshakes, protein drinks, batters, and other foods. They store easily in a drawer for easy access.

Carry a mini blender to the office or keep one at home to prepare soups, iced drink mixes, and stir baby food. These compact immersion mixers fit into a tote bag or large purse. Choose to use countertop appliances or ones that store out of sight, in a pantry or drawer. Devices are available to suit individual preferences when completing day-to-day culinary tasks.

Review Features of Blenders
Machines with plastic exteriors resist chipping and weigh less. Glass examples do not usually absorb food odors, while stainless steel ones keep foodstuffs colder for longer periods. Capacities range from 8 ounces for smaller appliances, up to 80 ounces for larger models. A unit rated at 1,300 watts withstands heavy-duty usage. Average-sized machines consume about 300-600 watts. A pulsing button is a helpful feature when mixing sorbets and granitas, so that ice mixes to the correct consistency. There are a variety of choices available, depending on how individuals plan to use the equipment.

How Many Speed Settings Do Blenders Have?
Most of these machines have speed settings ranging from 1 to 10 speeds. Low-speed options are suitable for whipping cream or pureeing food and low-high cycles are appropriate for making smoothies. Use faster speeds to make emulsions for salad dressings, sauces, and dips. Some units have a cleaning cycle that increases speed gradually for optimal cleansing. Home chefs can choose machines that include single or multiple speeds to suit their cooking preferences.

What Colors Are Available in Blenders?
Choose a mixer in a color that matches larger appliances in the kitchen, such as the stove and refrigerator, or make a statement with a blender in a bold color such as red or orange as a focal piece. Metallic-colored food preparation pieces pair well with stainless steel appliances and multi-colored ones intermingle with wood and painted cabinetry. Choose from modern or retro designs to match existing decor.

How Do People Take Care of Blenders?
Depending on the model, pitchers are removable for washing manually or placing in a dishwasher. Wash blades, gaskets, and other parts by hand. A damp, soft cloth removes any residue from the exterior surface such as grease and dust. A toothbrush can be used to clean out grooves around buttons that may contain loose dirt. Blenders are easy to clean and don't require much maintenance.