About this product

Superior towels for all your wiping and sanitizing needs. Specially designed for fast, streak-free wiping on tabletops, countertops, even greasy stove tops. Quarterfold.

The Dixie strong, soft, thick and absorbent foodservice towel is engineered from super strong hydro entangled fibers that make it perfect for front or back of the house cleaning. These white with green stripe, medium duty towels deliver superior cloth-like cleaning to handle almost any job and are especially designed for fast, streak-free wiping on messy tabletops, grimy countertops, and even the greasiest stove tops. You name it-this wiper can handle it. Long-lasting, machine-washable towels come in a convenient dispenser box for added protection and quick, easy dispensing.

  • Convenient dispenser box protects wipers and provides one-at-a-time dispensing to help reduce waste and control costs
  • Strong hydro entangled fibers are long lasting, machine washable, and resist breakdown during overnight bleaching
  • This absorbent material is soft and provides cloth-like hand feel and performance
  • Durable, stands up to tough cleaning tasks even when used with commercial cleaners
  • Reusable; ideal for streak-free wiping on messy tabletops, dirty countertops, and greasy grimy stove tops
  • Excellent alternative to laundered towels; disposable when excessively soiled or tattered, eliminates the need to store dirty towels between laundry deliveries
  • Manufacturer: Georgia Pacific