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A perfectly crafted drink is the ideal addition to any meal. In the office, drink makers provide excellent value and ensures that employees can always mix up their favorite type of soda or carbonated water.

Create Delicious Soda with Carbonated Drink Makers
Soda making machines take the guesswork out of stocking the break room refrigerator. It provides a convenient alternative to keeping multiple types of soda on hand and takes up much less space. Machines in this category create a huge variety of drinks. Users can fill up a drink bottle, add flavor concentrate and use the machine to add carbonation.

Soda varieties include cola, cream soda, ginger ale and diet soda. Carbonated flavored water is an easy way to increase water intake around the house or office. With this option, users can set up a drink station anywhere. Flavor concentrate bottles can be stored with standard lids, or you can use pumps to save even more time.

Drink Makers and Blenders Craft Shakes and Smoothies
Personal blenders provide another way to save time in the morning or at lunch time. Personal drink blenders are generally much smaller than standard blenders. A single-serving cup is used for blending and drinking, minimizing cleanup time. Some blenders serve multiple purposes in the office, allowing users to grind coffee or chop nuts.

While these machines do have powerful motors for fast drink preparation, many have quiet modes. Bundles that come with multiple glasses and lids are well-suited to homes and offices where multiple people use the blender throughout the day. Using one cup to blend and drink cuts down on the use of disposable cups.

Drink Makers that Protect the Environment with Blenders and Homemade Soda Machines
One of the primary benefits of drink makers is their eco-friendly design. Soda drinkers who switch to a soda maker can significantly decrease their impact on the environment. Instead of getting a can or bottle of soda from the vending machine every day, users can refill the same reusable plastic or stainless steel bottle every day. This limits the amount of refuse that ends up in landfills and recycling centers. Many of the bottles and packages used in these machines are recyclable.

Even coffee enthusiasts who are on the look out for the latest coffee makers or Keurig K-cups machines can benefit from the variety of drink makers Staples carries!

Drink Makers Come with Straightforward Instructions that are Easy to Follow
No matter who drinks soda or smoothies in a home or office, the instructions for drink making machines are often very user-friendly. Each machine's directions vary slightly, but homemade soda machines often have a place to rest the bottom of a reusable bottle. From there, the machine takes care of carbonation and delivers a delicious drink. Personal blenders are also easy to use. Whether they require you to push the blend button or press down on the blending cup, blended beverages are only a few seconds away.

Safety features reduce the risk of accidents. Most machines do not begin carbonating or blending until all of the components are completely in place. This also minimizes messes caused by unsecured lids and cups.

Homemade soda makers and blenders are a space-efficient option for home and business settings. Whether users prefer flavored water, soda or fruit smoothies, drink making machines at Staples save time and add value.

Shop the extensive selection of boxes for storage at Staples for a place to securely store your drink makers and drink making supplies.

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