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Place building sets in the classroom to easily help kids work on their fine motor skills and dexterity. Kits and sets from K'NEX and Airfix are designed to get kids excited about building their own creations. Stock up on kits that encourage imaginative, mind-challenging play.

Challenge Young Minds
Building sets are mentally challenging, helping students develop the soft skills of patience, grit, and perseverance. Figuring out which pieces work together and how to match different parts of a kit to get the desired results can take time, which makes working with building sets an ideal quiet activity for in-class free time. Convenient tubs and bins included with building sets make it easy to keep all the pieces organized.

Improve Physical Dexterity
Manipulating the small pieces in a building set helps improve physical dexterity, while balancing pieces can help students understand basic physics concepts in an intuitive way even if they haven't formally encountered the subject yet. Building sets with a wide range of interchangeable pieces let kids figure out new ways to get the same final results, while simple building toys make it easy for smaller children to discover and work on basic concepts, such as stacking and shapes.

Encourage Imaginative Play
Building sets that are intended to look like a specific building or structure after they are fully put together encourage kids to use the final product as part of a post-construction imaginative play session. Castles, forts, and houses built using pre-designed kits can serve as fun backdrops for action figures and other toys to use when carrying out their adventures. Scale models of important architectural structures teach children about the actual buildings and enhance social studies or history lessons.

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