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Keeping track of important dates and events is essential, whether you're a parent with children in activities, or a business person looking to create an organized schedule. Calendars come in a variety of sizes and styles from those that fit in your pocket for portability to desktop and wall units that are easy to view. In addition to its own brand, Staples® carries top brands such as House of Doolittle and AT-A-GLANCE®.

Choose the Calendar Format That Works for You
Calendars come in a wide array of formats, from those that display a single month to wall models that showcase the upcoming year. Flip styles have a wire binding that makes it simple to turn pages to look at past or future dates. You can store them in a desk drawer or choose to pin them up on a wall or cubicle for increased visibility. Some have a two or three-month view for those who like to see and plan ahead. Dry and wet erase models come with a laminated surface so you can jot down notes, and some even have blank date slots to create a custom calendar that suits a work or home schedule.

Track Upcoming Appointments and Meetings
Those who attend a lot of meetings can benefit from a visible calendar that tracks appointments. Choose lined boxes to jot down meeting times and related notes for the upcoming event. Having a desktop calendar helps to keep office employees organized, giving them a space to record upcoming deadlines, meetings, and seminars. They have reinforced corners for holding pages and small items such as business cards in place.

What Size Calendars Are Available?
Calendars come in a wide array of sizes from the daily desktop models that showcase two days at once and measure 5 x 7 inches to oversize wall models that measure over 4 feet and come in handy for yearly planning. Desktop pads come as large as 22 x 17 inches and as small as 8.5 x 11 inches to fit smaller surface areas. Those who need a calendar for referencing while on the go can find pocket units that fit in a wallet or briefcase for added convenience.

Can You Purchase An Eco-Friendly Calendar?
Yes. Many brands offer eco-friendly options, including those made with post-consumer content to lessen the impact on the environment. These units often have a declaration on the packaging to distinguish its recycled content. Additionally, once you finish with a paper calendar, you can recycle the pages and the cardboard if services are available in your area. Laminated, blank calendars also work well as you can use them over and over again, just changing the dates to reflect the current month and year.

What Colors Do Calendars Come In?
Shoppers looking for a standard unit can find one in a regular black and white color scheme. Those looking for bold shades can find many that have modern designs or landscape art to brighten up the wall or desk. You can even create custom units by uploading your pictures into special software and make it a memorable experience each time you change the month.

The 5 Best Calendars For 2020

We used 3,142 customer reviews of the 1910 types of Calendars we carry to determine the best Calendars for school, business, teachers, almost anything. The prices of these popular Calendars can start as low as $1.69 up to 67.09. Here are the top 5 Calendars for 2020:

Shop Discount Calendars And Save

At Staples, we understand price is frequently the deciding factor when buying Calendars and other office supplies. However, you still want the best Calendars for your work, school, or other needs. Which is why below we’ve pulled together the lowest prices out of our 1,910 Calendars. Prices range from $1.69 to $67.09:

Popular Calendar Brands, According To Customers

With more than 38 brands and 1,910 Calendar products in stock, Staples can help you find the best brand of Calendar for your home, office, or school. We looked at nearly 3,142 Calendar reviews to find the top Calendar brands in our inventory. Based on average customer ratings, the top best Calendar brands are: