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There's a lot that you have to do each day. With an easy-to-use calendar, professionals can easily keep track of important dates, times and events. Browse 2019 calendars at Staples to find tools that help you stay on schedule.

Choose the Right Calendar Layout
While comparing planners and calendars, users can explore various layout options. Factors to consider when choosing a layout include planner size, the amount of detail on each page and your scheduling needs. Academic calendars typically run from August of one year to December of the following year, allowing students to start each school year with a fresh planner. Other planners generally start in January and include one year of spreads.

Calendars with daily layouts make it easy to plan each day down to the hour, while those with weekly spreads permit users to look at the week ahead on one page. For on-the-go planning, many people prefer planners with monthly spreads. These thin, lightweight options are ideal for scheduling appointments and vacation plans. Monthly layouts are the most common option for calendars.

Calendars of Different Sizes Suit Various Needs
Calendars and planners come in a variety of sizes for each user's needs. Book-style planners and calendars are easy to transport and offer convenience to those who need constant access to their schedule. Binder planners are similar, but they have additional customizable features. Desk calendars lie flat on desks for reference and schedule changes during work hours. Wall calendars are designed to be hanged on the wall, freeing up desk space and making schedule information available to everyone in the room.

2019 Calendars Make It Easy to Plan Ahead
Any planner or calendar you choose should help you plan ahead, keep track of various schedules and make full use of your day. For many professionals, combined use of wall calendars and portable planners is the solution.

Can You Choose Which Pages Are in a Calendar?
Users who like to customize their daily planners often prefer binder planners. This design permits professionals to choose the pages and spreads they want to include. Binder planners often feature options such as contact and address pages, daily schedule spreads, monthly spreads and to-do lists.

Are Academic Calendars Different from Standard Calendars?
Academic planners have some key differences that set them apart from other personal organization tools. In addition to starting at the beginning of the school year, rather than January, they usually have pages for class schedules and teacher contact information. Some academic calendars have spots to note exam dates and homework due dates.

Which Calendars Are Optimal for Business Use?
Since business needs vary, users should compare multiple calendars to find one that fits their style. Those who have frequent meetings, appointments and deadlines benefit from planners with daily scheduling pages. These pages let professionals plan out each hour of the day without running out of space.

Make it to every meeting on time with calendars and planners. Use planners to keep track of personal, professional and medical appointments and feel confident about what each day will bring.

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