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Canvas Benches & Beam Seating

Choose a durable, long seat with wear-resistant upholstery by getting a canvas bench for your home or office. With the right frame, a bench upholstered with canvas can last longer than one covered with leather or softer fabrics. Staples® carries a wide selection of benches with different designs and from leading furniture brands.

Pick a Canvas Bench That Improves Your Living Space
The right bench for your living space is one with a frame and upholstery that complements other furnishings in the room. Before picking a design, you need to choose a size and decide how many people you'd like it to seat. Choose a single-seat unit if you want a bench to pair with your dresser or vanity. This size is also good for a unit that doubles as a side table. Longer benches are more appropriate as living room seats because of their space-saving designs. For example, you can seat more people around your dining table with a long bench than with individual chairs.

Features to Look for When Shopping for Benches
A bench may have armrests and a backrest. These parts make it more comfortable when sitting for extended periods. Arms are the more common feature and commonly found on two-seat lounge-styled models. Storage benches are especially useful to help keep your home organized. Hallway and entryway benches usually have integrated racks for storing shoes. Benches meant for other rooms may also have shelves beneath their seats or other storage compartments like drawers, cabinets, and cubbyholes. You should also consider frame material when comparing canvas benches. The most common materials used for bench frames are wood and metal. Wooden benches complement traditional and rustic interior designs while metal ones are suitable for modern, contemporary, and industrial decors.

What Kinds of Wood Do Manufacturers Use for Benches?
A wooden bench may have a frame crafted from hardwood, softwood, or fiberboard. Hardwood frames are the heaviest and sturdiest. They can bear more weight and generally come in dark brown tones. Softwood frames are lighter in color and weight. Fiberboards like MDF are usually easier to make into furniture. Get a bench made with this material if you want a lightweight wooden unit. MDF benches usually come painted and are especially appealing to those that prefer brightly colored furniture.

What Is the Difference Between Plain and Duck Canvas Fabrics?
Both types of canvas come from cotton and linen but duck canvas has more tightly woven threads. It is heavier and stronger than plain canvas. Duck comes in various thickness classified according to a scale that goes from 1 to 12. Grade 1 duck is the heaviest while Grade 12, the lightest, this is the canvas fabric most commonly used for furniture upholstery covers.

Can You Leave a Canvas Bench With a Metal Frame Outdoors?
Yes, but only if it has an aluminum frame. Furniture makers mostly build furniture frames from three types of metal: iron, steel, and aluminum. Iron rusts easily when outdoors and so does steel. Powder-coated steel is rust-resistant but not rust-proof. You may place a bench with a frame made from this material on a covered patio or porch. Aluminum is weather-resistant and rust-proof. It is also lighter than iron and steel.
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Danya B Storage Bench with Canvas Cushion BQ0330
Item : 1253777 / Model : BQ0330
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  • Color: Espresso
  • Material: MDF
  • Cushion Material: Canvas
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