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Gibson Home Sangerfield 6-Piece 4.5 Quart Round Chafing Dish Set (109542.06)
Item #24272463
Model #935100937M
  • Chafing dish set to keep the food warm
  • 13" x 13" x 10.25"
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Betty Crocker Stainless Steel Buffet Server With Warming Tray
Item #2139200
Model #WACBC2587CY
  • For use as a buffet server or warming tray
  • Keeps food & liquid warm for up to 3 hours
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Update International DC-4/GB, 4 Qt Stainless Steel Round Gold-Accented Chafer
Item #429181
Model #62446
  • Stainless Steel
  • 10 5/8'' H 13 5/8'' W 16 1/2'' L 16'' Dia. 4 Qt Cap.
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Chafing dishes use indirect heat to retain warmth in food in a shallow and large pan. They are available in different styles, shapes, and sizes. The dishes are ideal for use in various foodservice settings. They use induction heat, electricity, or fuel for heating. Check out the restaurant storage and transport category at Staples and choose the dishes that best fit your needs.

Chafing dishes have various uses
The dish sets ensure the food quality remains high hours after cooking. They are ideal for use in catering events as they ensure the food served is fresh and warm. A chafing dish set provides an elegant presentation of food in a buffet. The dish also saves the guests and the caterer from spilling sauce when serving. A chafing dish warms buns and pieces of bread to keep them crunchy during serving. An elegant dish set entices guests to serve food they would otherwise not regard as their first choice. Seafood looks great when kept in an attractive chafing dish.

Chafing dishes are available in different sizes
Various options are convenient for serving desserts, entrees, and appetizers. Full-size dishes have a rectangular shape and are ideal for serving and holding entrees. Use two small food pans to serve two types of desserts or appetizers on the full-size dishes. Two-thirds of dishes have a square or round shape. They are ideal for holding 5 to 6 quarts of food. The dishes can hold all types of food. Half-size dishes are rectangular or square with a capacity of between 4 and 5 quarts.

What are some ways to keep the chafers clean and sleek?
Chafers are display items and require efficient cleaning, transporting, and storing. Polish and clean the exterior of the dishes regularly. Microfiber pieces of cloth gently clean the surface of the dish and cause no scratches. They leave the surface looking new and shiny. Transport and store the chafing dish sets in sturdy and impact-resistant boxes to prevent damage.

What are the features of chafing dishes?
Some of these items have glass top lids that allow guests to view the food without having to open the lid. The lids retain the warmth of the food, which may otherwise reduce if customers close and open the dish regularly. Some dishes have dome and lift-off covers that lift the chafer completely. They have a handle on the top side of the lid. Some lids have a steam release vent for even distribution of heat in the pot. Most dishes have a stainless-steel material for corrosion resistance and superior strength. Chafing pots with an integrated spoon notch provide an ideal place for resting spoons. Adjustable temperature control in the dishes enables one to set the preferred heat level for the food. Chafing dish sets with gold accents and chrome-plated lid hangers add to the charm appeal.

What factors should one consider when choosing a chafing dish?

The most important factor to consider is the ability of the dish to retain heat. The finishing and style of a chafer add to the ambiance of a presentation and a restaurant. Some style options include chrome, brass, and gold. Consider the capacity and size of a chafer depending on the food served at once.