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Chair Accessories

Office chair accessories make working at a desk easier and more comfortable. From cushions to back supports, accessories put less strain on the body to help prevent pain and problems in the future. Look to Staples® for many types of office chairs, including ergonomic chairs, big and tall chairs, and waiting room chairs.

Types of Office Chair Cushions
Chair cushions attach to the seat of the office chair to provide a softer and more comfortable seat. They are great for chairs with thin seats or where the seat has worn down over time. There are several types of cushions for different comfort levels. Memory foam seats contour to the body for a perfect fit when sitting. Gel seats help to regulate temperature, keeping the body cool even on hot days. Seats with cut-away contours allow the tailbone to sit over an empty spot and takes away pressure that causes back pain.

Types of Office Chair Back Supports
Back supports attach to the back of the office chair and provide a more comfortable position to help eliminate back pain. There are several types of backrests that provide different levels of comfort. Heated and cooled back supports keep the body warm or cool to help ease back pain or regulate the body during extreme temperature days. Memory foam back rests contour to the shape of the back for a perfect fit. Back supports with massage pockets massage the back while sitting to help ease aches and pain during work. Mesh back supports are designed to provide the best lumbar support to ease tension, and the mesh allows cool air to flow to prevent sweat build-up and moisture on the back.

What Does ‘Ergonomic’ Mean When Paired with Office Accessories?
Many office chairs and office chair accessories state they are made with ergonomic design. Also called bio-engineering, ergonomics is the science of design and function, applied to products to help humans work more comfortably and efficiently. A chair with an ergonomic design is made to fit the body. Back supports and cushions often have ergonomic designs to make up for the lack of ergonomic considerations on many chairs.

How Do Footrest Office Chair Accessories Help?
Foot rests lift the feet off the ground and into a more ergonomic position. This helps improve blood flow and circulation in the legs to reduce pain and prevent blood clots. Many foot rests are also soft, so the feet rest comfortably during long work hours. Some footrests have a rocking motion so that users can keep moving their legs for even better blood flow and circulation.

What Chair Accessories Help Prevent Scuffing?
Office chairs or waiting room chairs that don’t have caster wheels tend to scuff floors. Prevent this by using different types of protectors. The simplest types of protectors are felt pads that stick to the bottom of the legs to make the chair glide across the floor. Protector caps fit snugly over the legs so they won’t fall off. They tend to last longer than sticker pads.
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