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Chalkboards are versatile tools that come in handy in the office, home, and classroom. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to fit the needs of multiple users, with an easy-clean surface that wipes clean using a felt eraser. Shoppers at Staples will find a wide selection of wall-mountable, easel and handheld boards from popular brands such as Quartet and Flipside.

Various Sizes Serve Multiple Purposes
Chalkboards come in a variety of sizes with a classic green or black surface that's easy for teachers or professors to write on and for students to read. While some have a classic design, some manufacturers like Quartet use durable materials such as DuraMax porcelain to create a magnetic surface for clipping and posting important papers, so they double as bulletin boards. These units are designed for heavy use and offer consistent performance in the classroom. Both standard and magnetic chalkboards come with the necessary hanging hardware. Many also feature a full-width tray that holds chalk and erasers when they're not in use.

You can find chalkboards in several sizes ranging from 2 x 3 feet to 4 x 12 feet to suit varying needs. Smaller sizes work well in breakrooms or offices, while larger sizes suit classroom learning and conference rooms where presentations and brainstorming sessions take place. Use white or colored chalk to make distinctions and important notes.

Educational Chalkboards for Teaching
Some classrooms, particularly those in elementary school, use dry erase whiteboards or chalkboards as a means of teaching writing and arithmetic. These boards measure 9 x 12 inches with rounded corners for smaller hands to hold and maneuver. They come with green or black surfaces and a hardboard backing that makes them durable tools that resist warping and chipping. If you're a teacher heading into a new school year, make sure to add a new chalkboard to your back to school supplies list.

Some have lines to promote neat handwriting, reducing the need for paper, and easily fit inside desks or notebooks. Others have either a blank surface or a combination design with blank space and lines for multi-purpose use. Shoppers can buy them individually or in bulk to outfit an entire classroom. In addition to handheld boards, they also come in larger sizes with adhesive squares so you can mount them on the wall.

Shaped Chalkboards For Accent Pieces
In addition to square and rectangular chalkboards, shoppers will find a variety of shaped units that are ideal for adding accents at home, the office or in shops. Hearts, frames, and mustaches all add a unique element to your decor. At home, they make excellent tools for writing a shopping list, meal plan or daily activities. Employees in an office can write inspirational notes or a schedule. Others use them at craft shows to display signage, listing prices and special deals.

They also work well as personal units to leave inspiring messages for others. Choose small handheld sizes with clips to attach to buckets, cabinets, and mirrors, or larger sizes that hang up on walls and doors. If you're looking for a permanent option for containers, choose labels with a chalkboard surface and create a custom option.

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