Charmin Toilet Paper

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Toilet paper is an essential item for homes and businesses. Shoppers can buy it in small or large packs to keep an adequate supply on hand. Staples carries several types of Charmin toilet paper in varying package sizes for those who need a little or a lot.

Multiple Types of Charmin Tissue to Consider
Charmin has several types of toilet paper in 1 and 2-ply designs to satisfy personal preferences. The Ultra Strong variety has a washcloth-like DuraClean texture that increases absorbency so you use up to four times less. Ultra Soft has built-in cushioning that's visible to the naked eye for increased comfort every time you use it. All of the varieties are unscented, with the exception of chamomile which has a scented cardboard tube. The tissue itself is free of dyes and scents, however. The Ultra Strong, Ultra Soft and chamomile varieties have a 2-ply design for more support.

Those with sensitivities will appreciate Charmin's Sensitive variety. It's tested by dermatologists and proven to be gentle on all types of skin, making it an excellent solution for many users. Budget-conscious shoppers will find the brand's Basic toilet tissue, which has a 1-ply design and comes with a 3D texture for improved flexibility and strength. Those looking for even more can purchase a variety of roll sizes including double, double plus, triple and mega. These packs last up to three times as long as the standard unit.

Small and Large Packs for Stocking Various Size Restrooms
Small packs of 9 and 12 rolls are well-suited for homes or small offices with just a few employees. Large offices with multiple restrooms and employees can benefit from cartons with 40 or more rolls, ensuring that there's always enough on hand. With the auto-restock program, businesses can set a delivery frequency to prevent running out of essentials, depending on the usage rates.

Wet Wipes For Extra Clean
If you're looking for a thorough cleaning experience, the Charmin brand also offers wet wipes and tissues. They're flushable and feature a woven texture that's comfortable to use. In addition to office use, they come in handy for toilet training younger children and instilling good cleaning habits. Flushable wipes also come in an easy pop-up container, keeping them wet and ready for the next use. The container makes them portable and easy to take on the go or store in the car. Shoppers can buy them in packages of as little as 20 wipes, or larger packages that contain 480 wipes. Stock up on toilet paper and other great office supplies from Staples.

Consistent Features for Added Benefits
All varieties of Charmin tissue come with the same guarantees and benefits. They're safe for septic tanks, and many are also safe for sewer use. They have a clog-free design that eliminates potential blockages when used properly, which comes in handy for low-pressure and public systems.

Whether stocking up a small office, home or large corporation, you'll find plenty of options at Staples to suit all environments. Shop today and keep the restrooms fully stocked with your choice of Charmin toilet paper, napkins, and toilet seat covers.