Commercial Cutlery

Tackle large food preparation tasks with these commercial cutlery products. Each one is designed for restaurant use, so it performs beautifully in busy commercial kitchens. Select your favorite products from trusted kitchenware brands such as Vollrath and Update International.

Versatile Options
Stock your kitchen with a variety of commercial cutlery tools to be ready for any food preparation task. For a versatile, general-purpose tool, opt for a chef's knife. Use paring knives for detail work and carving knives for use with cooked meat. Choose a serrated bread knife to cut even, clean slices without tearing the bread.

Convenient Accessories
Keep your commercial cutlery performing at its best with convenient accessories. Use knives with a synthetic or wood cutting board to protect your counters and prevent the blades from getting dull. In heavy-use kitchens, use a knife sharpener to keep your blades performing well. Slip on knife sheaths to keep your blades safe in kitchen racks or in drawers.

Accurate Cutting
Tackle the demanding cutting requirements of a commercial kitchen with chef-quality knifes. Each one has an ultra-sharp blade that slices through all types of foods in seconds. The handles are welded or bolted securely to the blades, so they don't wiggle or shake after heavy-duty use. Choose models with contoured grips for easier, faster cutting.

Varied Styles
Every chef has an individual style, and these cutlery products help you find the best tools for your preferences. Whether you prefer lightweight ceramic knives or heavy-duty steel models, you'll find a suitable option. Prepare for a new job or project with a full set of knives in your preferred style.

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