Bar Supplies & Equipment: Equipment and Accessories for Your Bar

Use bar supplies and equipment to meet all your mixing and serving needs in your bar or restaurant. Choose from brands such as Browne, Carlisle, Thunder Group, and Update International. You’ll find everything you need to make your bar or restaurant professional and stylish.

Serving Equipment

Transport food and beverages to your guests with serving equipment, such as pitchers, bar glassware, bar trays, restaurant baskets, and service stands. These products make it easy to get food and drinks to your guests, whether they are sitting at a bar or in the middle of the restaurant.

Back Bar Equipment

Quality and durable back bar equipment is essential for running a successful bar. Choose equipment, such as speed rails, bar towels, service mats, glass hangers, condiment holders, and bar spoons. These products are exactly what you need to keep the drinks flowing and serve your guests professionally and effectively.

Bar Accessories

Bar accessories include everything you need to make your bar run smoothly. Jiggers, corkscrews, bottle openers, measured pourers, straw caddies, and food picks are just a few of the bar accessories from which to select. Along with your POS system, they make it easy for your employees to get their job done well.

Food and Beverage Carts

Whether you’re looking for something basic or something elaborate, beverage carts are a must. They provide additional storage space for condiments, cups, and other accessories. However, they are also mobile, allowing you to move supplies where you need them. Not only are they perfect for bars and restaurants, but they are also perfect for any business that needs a small refreshment stand for coffee and tea.