ComplyRight Federal, State & Public Sector (English) Poster Set - Maryland (EFEDSTCRPSECMD)

Item #: 1949284 | Model #: EFEDSTCRPSECMD

About this product

ComplyRight Public Sector Posters are fast and simple compliance solutions for government employers.

Developed to meet the additional federal and state posting needs of public sector employers, ComplyRight Posters for the Public Sector offer a complete laminated federal and state poster set along with public sector posters, to help employers comply wit h these requirements and ensure that employees are informed of their rights. Each poster has its own information that must be in plain view of employees. All posters meet strict government requirements for color, font and size.

  • Laminated English Federal, State and Public Sector posters
  • Developed and monitored by experienced legal team to ensure all postings are always up to date
  • 100% compliant posters adhere strict government requirements for color, font and size
  • Laminated for greater durability