Conference Office Chairs

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The conference room of any business is an important part of corporate decisions, strategizing and collaboration on major projects. The chairs you choose for the space help workers remain comfortable throughout extended meetings. Staples carries a variety of options that promote professionalism while maximizing the available room around the table.

What are the Benefits of Different Materials for Conference Chairs?
Chairs for conference rooms come in different materials, including leather, wood, fabric and plastic. Leather seats provide a professional look and durability that lasts through frequent use. Wood frames paired with fabric or leather upholstery offers a conservative look that is ideal for important meetings with shareholders. Plastic seating works well in smaller spaces and provides stable seating that is comfortable for shorter meetings. Leather and plastic are easy to clean with a damp cloth, and polyester and other fabrics only require spot cleaning to remain looking nice. Mesh options offer increased airflow for improved comfort during extended periods of sitting.

Versatile Styles Work for Most Spaces
Chairs for conference rooms are available in various styles that ensure a good fit around most tables. Large chairs with thick padding are ideal for long tables. Smaller plastic chairs increase the number of spaces around the room to make sure there is plenty of seating for everyone. High-back styles add a professional look and keep users comfortable all day. Stools offer a space-saving alternative for small rooms and slide right under the table when not in use. Task chairs maximize the available space around meeting tables, ensuring each member has the room they need to work. Nesting chairs fold up for simple storage in rooms that are used for other purposes. Conference chair options with built-in trays eliminate the need for an additional table and increase the amount of space available for seating.

Which Base Is the Right Choice?
Conference chairs are available in stationary and rolling models. Stationary chairs with sled bases move easily over carpet, tile and other hard flooring. These options include sliders that protect the underlying surfaces from scratches. Consider sled-style chairs for rooms that don't require frequent movement or rearranging. Chairs with wheels increase mobility and allow users to slide into and away from the table quickly. Look for casters designed for use on carpet for easier rolling over most flooring types. Some chairs sit on stationary bases that make it simple to keep conference areas looking uniform and professional.

Consider Additional Features to Increase Comfort
Many chairs come with additional features that can make a difference during long meetings and training sessions. Models with high backs support the spine and shoulders during long periods of sitting. Seating that includes headrests offers support for the neck to enhance comfort. A conference chair with arms reduces shoulder fatigue and provides support for the wrists when writing. Seating that features tilt and recline make sure users can stretch as needed. Lumbar support keeps the spine aligned to minimize back pain, and waterfall seat edges maximize blood flow to the legs for optimal circulation.