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With cooktops and burners, you can boil, fry, sauté, or simmer foods anywhere. Electric and induction burners from Brentwood and Summit Appliance deliver portable convenience and powerful heating. Single and double burners make offsite food preparation easy.

Prepare Quick Meals
Whether you're stir frying a quick dinner for a small group of workers during their lunch break or making a large batch of stew to serve to customers or guests at your outdoor event, cooktops and burners make it simple to create one-dish meals quickly. Units with two to five burners let you create even more elaborate meals, while outdoor units powered by propane or batteries are designed specifically for use in rugged conditions.

Add an Extra Cooking Surface
Use cooktops and burners in a fully equipped kitchen to add an extra cooking surface when all of your regular stovetop burners are in use. Expand your ability to serve a large crowd by keeping a batch of food warm on an electric burner while cooking a separate batch on your built-in stove. Utilize a selection of cooktops and griddles along with roasters and slow cookers to create a customized meal for guests at your establishment.

Simmer and Reheat Foods
Simmer soups on your buffet line, or reheat premade foods once you arrive at your event destination using portable cooktops and burners. Programmable timers let you leave food simmering for a specific amount of time while you attend to other tasks, while independent adjustable thermostats make it simple to set each burner at just the right temperature for a particular dish. Coffee burners keep hot beverages at the right temperature throughout your breakfast, brunch, or dessert service and let guests serve themselves throughout the meal.

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