Cosco Step Stools & Ladders

Many reliable brands, such as Cosco, manufacture step stools and ladders with either a one, two, three or four step system. These tools are useful when assistance is required for retrieving things out of reach, when entering and exiting a vehicle and when little children want to help prepare the next meal in the kitchen. Visit Staples online for a large supply of stools and step ladders to accommodate the home and work environment.

Benefits of Using a Cosco Step Stool
A stool with one or two steps can easily help users reach items placed on hard-to-reach shelves in the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom closet. A two-step system can also help you change light bulbs used in ceiling fans. The stools are made from durable material, such as wood, aluminum and steel, so the structure is a safe option when users need to increase height to hang a picture or clean the top of the refrigerator. A small aluminum design is typically lightweight, so it is simple to move the object from one room to the next. A folding style can easily collapse for quick storage when not in use. For extra height, choose a multi-position step ladder system that not only includes a step stool but other features, like an extension ladder, to help complete work on the residence and office.

Many Uses for Home and Work
A stylish wood step stool can help children reach the sink in the bathroom. A small one-step option with a slip-resistant tread can assist a passenger or family member into a high vehicle. Consider an option with casters to easily roll around the room. The wheels retract to oversized suction cup stabilizers when weight is applied, so the steps remain safe and secure for use.

What is the Difference Between a Step Stool and a Step Ladder?
Step ladders are generally between 4 and 20 feet in height. Anything shorter than 4 feet is considered a step stool. A basic stool typically has one or two steps and is used to give an extra boost in height.

How Much Weight Can a Step Stool Hold?
A basic two-step and three-step metal system can typically hold up to 225 pounds. There are other styles available that safely support 350 to 1000 pounds.

What are Some Uses for a Step Ladder?
A taller step ladder can help you reach low-hanging tree limbs that need cut or give you a lift when the gutters need cleaning. A step ladder with project trays to hold paint and paintbrushes is a convenient feature when painting ceiling corners or the tops of door frames. The trays allow users to stay on task without having to step down for more paint or another type of brush.

Is it Possible to Stand on the Top Rung of the Ladder?
Do not use the top rung of the ladder as a step unless it was designed for that particular purpose. Always use a step ladder on a stable surface to prevent accidents, and make sure the ladder is locked in position before use.
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