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Cramer manufactures platform and ladder-type step stools to make reaching and stocking tasks more efficient, more convenient and safer on the job site and around the home. You don't need to drag out the step or extension ladder to reach tall shelves, ceiling-height cabinets or overhead storage bins. The company's options have all the features you'd want in portable, stable, durable and ergonomic platforms for all these tasks.

Trust the Cramer Name
This brand is highly regarded for manufacturing chairs, stools and elevated platforms for workers in unique, challenging work environments, including clinics, laboratories, technology facilities, front-desk retail and rental sites and 24-7 settings like safety, surveillance and command centers. It designs its products for workers who have to sit in one posture for extended periods of time, as well as for those who have to maintain and work in ultra-clean environments, like clinicians and lab researchers. All of the company's products are designed for on-site health, productivity and durability.

Why you Should Choose Cramer Step Stools
Its commitment to workers in challenging, unique workplaces reflects the care the company puts in the safety, versatility and stability of its products. The company offers an array of options for elevated standing, from double, triple and bow-braced one- or two-step platforms to step ladders with two to six-foot steps. All models are constructed of high-density polymer, high-tensile aluminum or thick-gauge steel. All of them are suitable not only for the workplace but also around the home.

What do you get From a Cramer Step Stool?
The company offers four stylish, contemporary models of one- or two-step platforms, each providing unique options that show the product's versatility. Each polymer, aluminum or steel model has stable, rugged bracing, and each features vinyl, non-slip treads for stable foot traction. The platforms provide up to 15 inches of elevation. Some models have retractable casters, lockable or pressure-stabilized, to make mobile tasks much more convenient, and some models are either stackable or foldable for space saving. All hold between 300 and 350 pounds securely.

What if you Need More Height?
Cramer manufactures two types of step ladders, or ladder-type step stools, with between 2 and 6 steps that offer between 18 to 54 inches of elevation. Both options, whether aluminum or 16-gauge steel, have retractable casters, either lockable or pressure-stabilized, so they're ideal for the stability and mobility required to work in storerooms, warehouses and inventory rows. Some models offer vinyl, non-skid steps with dual or single sided handrails on its three- to six-step models. Others have three perforated steel platform steps for secure foot traction and long wear, and are collapsible so that you can fold them away into a space as small as 10.5 inches. All models hold up to 300 pounds of weight.

What do you Need to Know about Using a Cramer Ladder-Type Step Stool?
The ladder-type models may be considered step ladders, but differ from the traditional models with a narrower frame and wider steps. The primary precaution is always to use the ladder-type step stool on level ground and to open the frame fully before working. You should also never climb anywhere on the frame except the steps, and should never lean it against a structure for climbing. Finally, always face the steps when you climb up or down.
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