Dental Sponges

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Dental sponges have a variety of uses, from helping absorb extra blood in the mouth to putting pressure on open wounds after an extraction. Filled with cellulose fiber, many of these sponges rarely cause allergic reactions, making them a safe option for patients of any age.

Absorb Blood
Absorb blood following a cut, scrape, or extraction using dental sponges in multiples or individually. These sponge options are made with absorbent cellulose fibers, so blood, pus, and other fluids are absorbed instead of allowed to sit in the mouth or on the skin. Made without latex, the sponges don't typically cause allergic reactions, allowing them to be used for nearly all patients. Although they're called dental sponges, these sponges are actually pads, which allows them to be used in various locations all around the body when needed.

Clean Wounds
With small cellulose fiber sponges, you can quickly wipe up blood or apply a topical ointment to your patient's mouth or other body part. Dental sponges may also be used in nursing facilities to cover wounds and to keep them clean under bandages, preventing infection. The absorbent fibers can be used to absorb antiseptic spray that you place on a wound, or you could choose to place the dry sponge on the wound to absorb seepage.

Pack the Wound
Dental sponges can be used to pack wounds, putting pressure on them to prevent bleeding or seeping. These sponges can be rolled or folded to fit into any space. Choose to put one on the skin under a bandage or adhesive tape following a blood draw, or roll one up for use after a tooth extraction.

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