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Postal Scales & Postage Meters

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Save time with convenient and accurate postal scales for the home and office. The efficient devices come in digital and manual models and can weigh varied units of measurements including ounces, kilograms, and pounds. Use postal meters and print mailing addresses, stamps, and postage to eliminate extra trips to the post office. Staples® has a wide variety of office accessories and supplies, such as postage labels and ink cartridges for meters, to help streamline the business needs of the workplace.

Choose Postal Scales to Fit Specific Needs
Dynamic and multitasking desktop postal systems transform computers into mail processing units. Computer software allows you to print stamps and labels from a PC or Mac®, and the compact units contain a USB postal scale to ensure letters and packages are weighed properly before printing postage. The digital desktop systems can weigh mail up to 10 pounds. An electronic weight-only digital scale can weigh parcels up to 150 pounds, and the high-accuracy units use large, easy-to-read display screens to showcase information. Big push buttons make it simple to turn the units off, and sturdy steel construction assures the systems maintain structural integrity in high-traffic environments.

Consider Colorful and Compact Postal Scales for the Office
Vibrant and lightweight scales come in a variety of colors, such as bright pink and blue, to add a touch of character to the workplace. The units consist of rugged plastic construction and a durable stainless steel platform that can hold up to 600 pounds. These powerful units deliver weight in grams, ounces, and pounds and will display an error message on the LED screen when something is not right or the package is too heavy. Other portable models are available in more traditional colors, such as black and gray, and can have ribbed steel platforms that help secure small and large packages in place.

Do Postal Scales Need Batteries?
Yes. Some scales may require AA or AAA batteries. Several units include an AC adapter to plug into an electric outlet, so users can save battery power. Consider units with an automatic shut-off timer to avoid leaving the machines on too long when not in use.

What Are Additional Benefits to Using Postal Meters?
Meters help apply postage to a large amount of mail in a short period of time. These efficient machines can print images and company logos on envelopes, so it’s easy to give a business extra advertising. Since the meters are in the office, it’s convenient to weigh packages and print the postage without needing to get to the post office before closing time.

Is the Tare Feature Important?
A tare button makes a scale only weigh the items inside the container, so the holder is not factored into the overall weight. The tare feature sets the machine to zero and then deducts the weight of the container from the actual contents inside the box. This lets the user get an accurate weight reading of only the contents and not the packaging. The scales show the weight on a digital screen that uses either red or black displays for an easy-to-read experience.
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