Display Panels

Put display panels in your store to focus customer attention on the specific items you want to promote. Pick colorful panels that match your store fixtures, and customize the surface as needed. Tall display panels with multiple usable surfaces offer plenty of room for hanging signs and merchandise.

Attract Attention

Colorful display panels catch the eye and encourage store visitors to approach your display. A variety of color options makes it simple to coordinate your shop decor and give your store a cohesive look that matches your branding. Tall display surfaces offer plenty of room to hang items in a configuration that works for your store or facility, and three-wing panels let you easily create a different arrangement on each side to add variety.

Customize Your Display

Whether you're displaying student artwork at an educational facility or putting up signage and products for a special promotion in your boutique, display panels make it simple to showcase everything you want visitors to see. Use panel hardware and accessories, such as magnetic clips, push pins, hooks and tacks, to attach different items and customize your display. Hardware can be swapped out or moved to different areas of the panel when you're ready to alter the display.

Change Your Store Layout

Convenient rolling casters on your display panels make it simple to change the layout of your store and put products right in the midst of customer traffic. Lockable casters prevent customers and staff from accidentally moving a panel out of position. Foldable panels can be made more compact for easy transport when you're headed to a trade show, or you can fold them for storage in a back room between promotional events.

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