Double Sided Tape

Double-sided tape is a versatile tool that comes in handy for many uses including mounting, sealing and installing. It's often undetectable as it sits between two layers, holding them together temporarily or permanently, depending on the style of tape. Staples carries several sizes for multiple tasks from brands including Duck, Scotch and 3M.

Liner and Dispenser for Ease of Use
Most brands of double-sided tape come with a liner, exposing only one side of the adhesive. The user applies it to the surface and then lifts the liner exposing the second layer of adhesive. Some come with a dispenser for easy application that you can refill with another roll when the current one runs out. Shoppers should consider the environment they're using the tape in. Some varieties have built-in resistance to water and moisture while others need protection from the elements.

Double-sided tape comes in varying sizes for many purposes. Thin widths of 0.5 inches work well for sealing envelopes and crafting, while wider units up to 3 inches cover more surface area and make an excellent for closing boxes, installing carpet and hanging up heavier items.

Foam Tape for Hanging Items
Home users will find that double-sided foam tape helps to adhere items to the wall without the need to place holes with tacks, nails or screws. Use it to hang pictures, canvases and wall art that have a flat back the adhesive can stick to. Those who like to reorganize or change out decor from time to time can benefit from removable tape that comes off most surfaces without leaving behind marks. Choose a variety that conforms to the products it's holding for more staying power.

Double-sided foam tape also serves many purposes in the office or retail environment. Employers can use it display signs indoors or outdoors, hang up nameplates and install cork, white or chalkboards creating a message hub. It also works in restrooms to hold paper towel and soap dispensers with long-lasting staying power. Foam tape also helps to seal up gaps and works in joining projects as an extra layer of cushion. Tapes with high bonding strength work well in industrial settings as they can withstand high temperatures and exposure to solvents.

Special Features for Special Tasks
If you plan to use the tape for photo purposes such as scrapbooking, choose a brand that's archive-safe and resists yellowing and drying out. Some brands offer a tape that's designed for heavy-duty use including holding up glass, metal and acrylic materials. They work well in construction industries to provide an additional layer of support. Carpet tape helps keep flooring secure to the ground and comes with built-in resistance to mold and mildew, making it ideal for use in bathrooms or basements.

Individual and Bulk Packages for Varying Needs
Shoppers will find individual rolls of tape for casual use as well as bulk packages such as a carton of 24 rolls for those who go through multiple units each month. With the auto-restock feature, companies can set up delivery times to ensure there's always enough stock on hand for various tasks.