Drainage Bags

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Drainage bags help patients breathe better and more comfortably when using different respiratory machines. The liquid they produce moves from the mouth to the bags, and the special design of the bag keeps them from breathing in that liquid. The bags are compatible with different tubing.

Latex-Free Bags
Drainage bags come in latex-free designs that are suitable for use with patients suffering from allergies to latex. As patients breathe in through the bags and can touch the bags with their hands, the lack of latex prevents the risk of skin rashes and other signs of an allergic reaction.

Tubing Compatibility
The bags are compatible with tubes commonly used by medical professionals. Look for aerosol tubing in smaller lengths that you can run from the bag to the machine next to a patient, or select longer pieces of tubing that let you connect the bag to a machine across the room.

Installs Easily
With a Y-shaped piece at the top of the bag, you'll find that you can easily install or connect the bag to a respiratory machine and show patients how they can use the bags at home. Slip pieces of tubing into the bag before connecting the tubing to the machine.

Prevents Medical Problems
Use drainage bags when you want to prevent future medical problems from occurring. The unique Y-shape of the bag forces mucus and liquids produced by the patient into the bag itself and keeps the liquid away at the bottom of the bag. This keeps patients from breathing too deeply and inhaling the liquid back into their mouths and lungs.

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