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AdirMed Adjustable Foldable Cup Holder (980)AdirMed Adjustable Foldable Cup Holder (980)
Item #24005988
Model #980
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Folds up when not in use
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Briggs Healthcare Redware Partitioned DishBriggs Healthcare Redware Partitioned Dish
Out of Stock
Item #384372
Model #641-4527-0004
  • 3"H x 12"W x 13"D
  • Red
Specially designed dinnerware sets make it possible for patients to eat on their own or with little assistance. Choose utensils that are easy to grip and manipulate. Beverage holders and food trolleys allow for convenient transport of food and drinks.

Make Eating and Drinking Convenient
Attractive food trolleys let you bring meals to patients anywhere in your facility; the attractive carts can also double as portable tables for extra utility. Add a beverage holder to a wheelchair or walker; choose from a variety of sizes to accommodate a variety of cups, glasses, cans, and bottles.

Increase Food Intake
Encourage patients or handicapped loved ones to eat more by providing them dinnerware sets that allow for visual contrast with food and make it easy to scoop food out of bowls and plates; choose a set designed to double as food storage to avoid wasting food. Food plate guards prevent food from falling over the sides of standard plates, and plates with inner lips also address this issue. When caring for those who are no longer able to handle conventional foods, stock up from a wide selection of feeding tubes and syringes to keep feeding tasks simple and safe.

Ease Manipulation of Utensils
Utensils with easy-grip handles are ideal for those with limited hand movement, joint pain, or wrist problems. Those with arthritis or weak grips appreciate having a ring can pull opener on hand to help them open cans. Latex-free handles help you avoid allergic reactions, and dishwasher-safe utensils allow for easy cleaning. Choose specially designed cups to help patients who can't tip their heads to be able to drink from a container.