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Choose feeding tubes and syringes that are designed to minimize hand slippage for single-hand, hassle-free action. Different tip adapters allow for a variety of applications. The plungers are designed for minimal friction and outside contamination.

Practical Design for Safety
These irrigation syringes are designed to minimize fumbling and slippage during use to prevent errors. For maximum security, select a syringe with a ring plunger. Syringes are clear for full visibility of fluids to serve as visual confirmation during application.

Varied Uses
Wide tips allow for more effective irrigation to clear clots or mucous. Tip adapters provide better compatibility of the syringes with most feeding setups. Syringes with elongated tips are particularly well suited to feeding tube kits. Choose syringe options that are clearly marked on the side with different units of measurement for accurate readings on dosages.

Many syringes are made with latex-free materials to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction by patients. Some of these options are also designed for resistance-free piston action for easy sliding of the plunger so that you can deliver dosages smoothly and evenly, without causing fluctuations in pressure and discomfort for patients.

Special Anti-Contamination Design
For extra care to prevent environmental contamination within the syringe, choose a squeezable syringe. This style of syringe never exposes the interior walls of the cylinder to open air, even during loading. The pressurized delivery style provides you with better pressure sensitivity during administration and avoids the friction of standard plunger-action syringes. This mechanism also reduces hand fatigue by avoiding the thumb-reaching stretch necessary for piston-action syringe use.

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