Hap Palmer CDs, Learning Basic Skills Through Music, Volume 1

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About this product

Learning Basic Skills Through Music, Volume 1 Is Everybody'S Favorite! Number Songs, Color Songs, Alphabet Songs, And Body Awareness Are All Presented In Hap Palmer'S Happy, Rhythmic Teaching Program That Pre-School, Slow Learners, And Early Primary Children From All Backgrounds Can Participate In Immediately.

  • Subject Matter: Music and Movement, Physical Development, Basic Skills
  • For: Pre-K/Kindergarten
  • Artist: Hap Palmer
  • 5" (h) X 5.13" (w) X .25" (d)
  • Hap Palmer, an educator and innovator in creating music and movement songs to help children learn, is the award-winning author
  • Songs include: Colors, Put Your Hands in the Air, The Elephant, The Number March, Marching Around the Alphabet, Growing, Birds, What are You Wearing?, What is Your Name?
  • Guide includes lyrics
  • Hap Palmer CD
  • Learning Basic Skills Through Music, Volume 1
  • Theme/design: General learning, school
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 28 minutes
  • Title: Learning Basic Skills Through Music
  • Age group and grade: Grades pre school - early primary
  • Author: Hap Palmer
  • Version: 1
  • Numbers, colors, the alphabet, and body awareness are all presented in a happy, rhythmic teaching program
  • Includes songs like colors, put your hands up in the air, the elephant, the number march, marching around the alphabet and many more