Erasers & Correction

Eliminate typos, pencil marks and printing mistakes with erasers and other correction materials. At Staples, you'll find several styles of correction supplies in stock by trusted brands like BIC, Liquid Paper, Pentel and Paper Mate.

Correction Fluid and Pens Offer More Controlled Application

From everyday pen marks and toner to heavy-duty mediums, correction fluid offers excellent overall coverage. Fix mistakes quickly with fast-drying, satin-smooth ease.

Select from bottled correction fluid that can be applied by foam applicator over larger areas, or opt for correction pens that let you better control the flow for more precise pen-point coverage. For covering over outdated information on file folders, try a specially-formulated ledger buff fluid that blends well with most natural folder colors.

Stubborn red ink and permanent marker errors can be removed with extra coverage formulas that mask the toughest of markings.

Correction Tape Applies and Dries Instantly

Cover over multiple lines of text cleanly and efficiently with correction tape that applies and dries immediately on paper. Offering tear-resistant writable surfaces, correction tape lets you reprint or type directly over the film-based material, saving valuable time and ink on minor error repairs.

Use it to create instant, highly-durable labels without a computer. Push and pull controls allow for an adjustable line or single-character coverage that masks photocopy shadows and other markings.

Some applicators come with retractable grips that protect the tape from damage when not in use. Tape correction devices are available in several colors with dispensers that are easy to grip.

Erasers Effectively Remove Marks from Multiple Mediums

For everyday pencil marks, an eraser gets the job done. Traditional pink rubber erasers are a staple of classrooms and provide excellent smudge-free removal of markings.

Novelty erasers are fun for kids and teens to collect and use at school and home. White plastic and vinyl erasers offer latex-free removal of lead markings without tearing paper surfaces or ghosting and won't crumble or harden over time.

Stick style erasers offer handy click retraction that can be adjusted as needed. For specialty purposes, a drafting eraser removes graphite and India ink details from films, tracing paper and acetate.

Artists get use out of kneaded erasers that can be shaped and torn into more workable pieces for the removal and highlighting of materials like chalk, charcoal, pastels and colored pencils. Ergonomically-designed erasers make extensive correction work more comfortable.

Stock up with bulk packs and refills that are ideal for teachers and art students.

Earth-Friendly Options

Consumers looking for more eco-friendly options have several products to choose from. Water-based correction fluids are formulated with low VOCs, minimal odor and are non-toxic and non-flammable.

Compared to standard solvent-based fluids, these offer a safer alternative for removing ink marks in classrooms and office environments. Some correction tape dispensers are manufactured with recycled plastics and plant-based materials instead of petroleum products.

Phthalate and latex-free erasers offer clean hypoallergenic use for chemically-sensitive individuals and children.

Staples offers many quality erasers, correction fluids and tapes that effectively tackle mistakes large and small.
Staples® Topwinder Correction Tape, 10/Pack (51666)
Item #24323552
Model #51666
  • Correction Tape
  • 1 line regular coverage
Pick up in 1 hour
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BIC Wite-Out EZ Correct Correction Tape, White, 18/Pack (WOTAP18-WHI)
Item #24406019
Model #WOTAP18-WHI
  • Compact size is perfect for planners, purses, and backpacks
  • Dry and clean correction tape allows for immediate writing
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Pentel Clic Eraser®
Item #SS264291
  • Non-abrasive, pocket-size retractable eraser
  • White to prevent discoloring paper
Multiple options
As low as  $2.99
Pick up in 1 hour
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BIC Wite-Out Exact Liner Correction Tape, White (50743)
Item #485150
Model #50743/WOELP11
  • Replacement correction lets you quickly and conveniently fix simple mistakes
  • Dry and clean correction tape allows for immediate writing
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20% off
BIC Wite-Out Quick Dry Correction Fluid, 2/Pack (WOFQDP24-A-WHI)
Item #781671
  • White quick dry fluid covers up errors quickly
  • Correction fluid that covers errors on printed or written documents
Reg.  $4.69
Pick up in 1 hour
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Staples® Topwinder Correction Tape, 2/Pack (52036)
Item #24323553
Model #52036
  • Correction Tape
  • Smooth and dry surface allows immediate writing after use
Pick up in 1 hour
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Tombow MONO ORIGINAL Correction Tape, White, 10/Pack (68720)
Item #1142456
Model #68720
  • Non-replacement single-line correction tape in compact size with rewind knob for tape adjustment
  • Dry and clean correction tape allows for immediate writing
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BIC® Wite-Out® Brand Correction Pens
Item #SS842013
  • Needle-point tip for increased precision and neatness
  • Shake 'n Squeeze has a soft, squeezable body which corrects with less effort
Multiple options
As low as  $5.87
Pick up in 1 hour
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Staedtler Mars Erasers, White, 4/Pack (526 50 BK4)
Item #274795
Model #52650BK4P
  • Compact size is ideal for planners, purses, and backpacks
  • Eraser removes markings quickly and cleanly
Pick up in 1 hour
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Wite-Out Mini Correction Tapes, White Tape, Dozen (WOTM11-WHI)
Item #24406023
Model #WOTM11-WHI
  • Compact size is ideal for planners, purses, and backpacks
  • Dry and clean correction tape allows for immediate writing
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