Fibre-Metal® Custom-Fit Welding Helmet Ratchet Headgear, Used with Jackson Helmets

Item #: 774116 | Model #: 280-3C

About this product

Fibre-Metal® Custom-Fit Welding Helmet Ratchet Headgear has exclusive free-floating arms and balance, and stabilizes the helmet while minimizing pressure points.

Fiber-Metal® Custom-fit welding helmet ratchet headgear is made of plastic and designed to use Jackson helmet. Ratchet headgear with deeply offset and flexible headband fits head contours comfortably.

  • Material: Plastic
  • Usage: Jackson helmet
  • Deeply offset, pliable headband fits head contours comfortably
  • Overhead band with multiple adjustments helps position the glassholder for a good view of the weld and a comfortable working position
  • Strip-proof ratchet head size adjustment provides small increment sizing
  • Custom-fit welding helmet replacement headgear
  • In models where free-floating arms are impractical, unique mounting brackets are used
  • Performs well in hot or cold conditions, is unaffected by age, does not crack or break