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Scholastic MORE Sight Word Songs Flip Chart, 15" x 20" (SC-831710)
Item #24393148
Model #SC-831710
  • Includes lesson plans, a CD, plus a link to download all 25 tunes
  • Each song targets and teaches two featured sight words, so lesson planning is easy
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Junior Learning Ones to Millions Flip Stand, Double-sided Flip Stand (JRL453)
Item #24386186
Model #JRL453
  • Color-coded so that each place value can support learning
  • Practice adding or subtracting at different place value levels
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Trend Enterprises Numbers 0-200 Owl-Stars! Learning Chart, Multicolor (T-38446)Trend Enterprises Numbers 0-200 Owl-Stars! Learning Chart, Multicolor (T-38446)
Item #1112176
Model #T-38446
  • Age group and grade: Ages 5 - 9 years and grades PreK - 3rd
  • Subject: Classroom resources
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Get Ready Kids 36"H x 26"W Classroom Calendar Set (MTB800)
Item #876565
Model #MTB800
  • The ultimate interactive calendar features day, month, year, season, weather and events
  • Color: Red/Yellow
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Teacher Created Resources Polka Dot School Calendar Bulletin Board Set, 65 pieces (TCR4188)
Item #882759
Model #TCR4188
  • Classroom Calendar Set
  • Design: Polka dots
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Learning Advantage Time Flip Chart, Student Size (CTU7548)Learning Advantage Time Flip Chart, Student Size (CTU7548)
Item #24063309
Model #CTU7548
  • Flip Chart for Classroom Demonstration
  • Math - Learn to Tell Time
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Trend Enterprises® "I Can Print Standard Manuscript" Wipe-Off® Book, Multi (T94120)
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Item #1559016
Model #T94120
  • "I Can Print Standard Manuscript" wipe-off book help to improve skills of students
  • Color: Multi
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Junior Learning Part of Speech Flips, Double-sided Flip Stand (JRL452)Junior Learning Part of Speech Flips, Double-sided Flip Stand (JRL452)
Item #24385983
Model #JRL452
  • Build different sentences by flipping over parts of speech
  • Covers articles, nouns, pronouns, verbs, prepositions, adverbs
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Teacher's Friend® Standard Manuscript Alphabet and Numbers 0-30 Bulletin Board, Grades Pre K - 3rd
Item #879810
Model #TF-8032
  • Age group and grade: Grades pre-kindergarten - 3rd
  • Number of pieces: 15
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Top Notch Teacher Products 32"H x 24"W Chart Tablet Brite Flip Chart, Assorted Colors, (TOP3821)
Item #157079
Model #TOP3821
  • Classroom Flip Chart
  • Number of Sheets: 25
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Make wall and flip charts a part of your daily classroom experience to keep kids on task. Paper flip charts, reusable posters, and subject-specific charts make your classroom more visually exciting. Choose charts from Scholastic, Creative Teaching Press, and Trend Enterprises to engage kids' minds.

Classroom Management
Incentive charts and classroom task charts get students involved in daily classroom life and promote good behavior during class. By tracking class participation, assigning specific classroom chores to each student, and charting the progress of students in a class using wall and flip charts, you help students develop social skills and give them a sense of ownership in the learning process.

Visual Aids
Wall and flip charts that introduce young children to the days of the week, letters, shapes, and other basic concepts reinforce the lessons taught throughout the day. Charts and posters focused on science, geography, and math topics help older kids gain a deeper understanding of complex concepts, and the colorful images and diagrams make tough subjects more exciting. Utilize charts in conjunction with classroom books and digital media to introduce the same concepts in multiple ways.

Wipe-Off Surfaces
Wipe-off surfaces on wall and flip charts make it easy to adjust the day's lesson to suit ever-changing circumstances and allow you to reuse the same chart over and over again. Plastic-coated surfaces let you add information using a standard dry-erase marker and wipe off older marks without leaving behind streaks and stains. Large-format charts and posters ensure that each child in your classroom can easily see what you have written on the surface.

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