Folgers Coffee

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In many households and offices, numerous people enjoy a cup of Folgers coffee. This company creates brews that suit various preparation methods, flavor preferences and caffeine levels.

Select from a Range of Flavors
A primary benefit of drinking Folgers is the variety of flavors that coffee drinkers can enjoy. Whether users like a caffeine kick with their coffee or not, Folgers complies. In addition to caffeinated and decaffeinated blends, they produce half-caff blends that have half as much caffeine as standard brews. A variety of roasts are available, from mild to dark. With its brewing process, Folgers aims to craft smooth coffee with different flavor notes. Users can also select from many flavored blends, like French vanilla, hazelnut, cinnamon and chocolate silk. Those who prefer a sweeter hot drink often like Folgers' mocha and vanilla cappuccino mixes.

Folgers Coffee is Compatible with Many Brewers
No matter which coffee maker a home or office uses, there's likely a Folgers product that is compatible with it. Standard ground coffee comes in canisters. This is ideal for most standard brewers, and it allows users to choose how much coffee they want to prepare at once. Folgers also produces K-Cups, which work with Keurig brewers to prepare single servings of coffee in one minute or less. K-Cups make it easy to keep several flavor varieties on hand.

Prepare Folgers On-the-Go
Coffee drinkers who do not have access to a coffee machine can still indulge in a hot cup of Folgers. On-the-go brewing methods are ideal for those who frequently rush out the door or have to share the coffee machine with others. Canisters of instant coffee feature grounds that dissolve in hot water, permitting users to get the right brew strength. Single-serve packets are pre-measured and pre-wrapped for a consistent flavor every time.

Get Enough Coffee for Crowds of Any Size
Brew enough Folgers coffee for one person or for an entire crowd. Single-serve instant packets and K-Cups make single servings of coffee. With canisters that hold up to 31.1 ounces, busy offices can keep the coffee pot full at all times. Folgers Filter Packs prepare a single cup of coffee using a standard brewer.

Recycle Folgers Packages and Cans
Users can treat themselves to coffee and feel good about protecting the environment at the same time. Folgers' AromaSeal cans and lids are completely recyclable. Ensure that coffee doesn't go to waste with the resealable lids included on canisters and small serving cans.

Iced Coffee is Popular for Hot Days
In addition to its line of hot coffees, Folgers makes it easy for users to cool down with its iced coffee drinks. These products are designed to be mixed with cold milk for a luxurious glass of iced coffee. Available flavors include hazelnut, caramel, vanilla and original coffee.

Fresh, perfectly brewed coffee capsules are never far away with Folgers' variety of product lines. Whether you're in the mood for a bold morning roast or a sweet iced coffee blend, there's a Folgers drink that delivers exactly what you want.