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Connect all your favorite devices with gender changers. Easy to install and easy to use, one of these little units lets you show videos and pictures from your phone or tablet on your computer. Choose the right changer to work with a compatible tablet, phone, computer, and all your other electronics.

Faster Transfer Speeds
Transfer data quickly and easily between two different electronics with gender changers. Depending on the Internet connection that you have, you might see speeds as fast as 3G or 4G, which lets you quickly send documents to a backup system or share information with others in your office.

Stream Footage
Stream footage from your smartphone or tablet to your computer monitor or home television. A gender changer can let you quickly share pictures and videos with family and friends, and you can even share videos you downloaded on those devices. Some changers will also work with dedicated video cables.

Connect Multiple Devices
Connect multiple devices and electronics in just a few short minutes. Gender changers can work with most tablets, smartphones, and computers from the top manufacturers, and these changers will also work with high-definition televisions and other modern televisions.

Compatible with Different Electronics
Save time and money connecting different electronics with gender changers, which are compatible with most devices. Changers can make a male cord work with a female plug and make a female cord work with a male plug. Use a changer if you've lost or misplaced the cords that came with your electronics, or when you need to transfer or share data quickly.

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