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Build a Christmas Village
Item : 64304
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  • The all-inclusive kit features an instruction book, cardstock project sheets, vellum, glitter, pipe cleaners, glue, and one premade evergreen tree.
Juggling for Beginners
Item : 64308
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  • 25+ tricks to astound your friends
  • The complete and colorful guide in this cool kit walks you through the essentials--and you won't believe the incredible moves you can learn using the three deluxe balls that are also included
  • Soon you'll look like an expert at Over the Top, Columns, The Shower, The Claw, and other awesome tricks
Easy Paper Airplanes
Item : 64310
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  • The projects include fascinating background information on every model.
  • Kit includes: 80-page paperback, 25 sheets of origami paper (5 designs; 5 sheets each)
Paper Airplanes w/Dollar Bills
Item : 64312
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  • Just follow his simple, well-illustrated instructions to assemble a Boeing 747, F14A Tomcat, B-52 Stratofortress, Battlestar Gallactica Raider, Concorde, and others. It’s the best way to “throw away” that wealth!
  • Select from 13 different models, all created from a variety of easy folds and a buck. (There’s no cutting, drawing, or taping involved, so the currency isn’t defaced or destroyed.)
Sock Creature Puppets
Item : 887414
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Build Your Own Fighter Planes
Item : 887409
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  • The kit comes with ready-to-cut templates with pre-drawn insignias; numbered parts for each of the classic designs; and art supplies to decorate the entire fleet.
  • Kit Includes: Build Your Own Fighter Planes, a 48-page, 2-color book; 57 template cards ready to cut and assemble; 18 reusable templates; 5 colored markers
Sterling Sidewalk Chalk Kit
Item : 1101915
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  • Includes: Creative instruction book, 4 pieces of sidewalk chalk, 2 chalk holders, 4 stencils
Le Marqueur the drink maker
Item : 192694
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  • Le Marqueur - The Drink Marker helps your guests to keep track of their drinks. Don't have a party without them!
  • High quality metallic Gold & Silver ink dries almost instantly and doesn't come off on hands. Remove marks with cooking oil.
  • Can be used as a food container marker too!
fredFred&Friends Bottle Ninja Bottle Opener
Item : 1076009
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  • Dimensions 1.35"(w) x 1.49"(h) x 6.5"(d)
  • Materials crafted from stainless and silicone.
Black Series 10 piece outdoor slingshot
Item : 1148351
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  • 10 piece outdoor slingshot
  • Launches balls up to 50 feet
Fred&Friends Wine Monkey Bottle Caddy
Item : 419920
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  • Wine Monkey is made from all-American red-heeled socks
  • Measures 1" x 4.5" x 8.88"
Sterling Make a Puppet Kit
Item : 1101916
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  • Includes: 24-page step-by-step instruction book, 12 felt pieces, Fabric glue, Yarn, 4 googly eyes, Pattern, Kid-safe needle
Sterling finger puppet kit
Item : 1101914
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  • Includes: 20 easy-to assemble puppet papers, Instruction booklet, Googly eyes, 6 markers, Double-sided tape
Sterling Draw & Sketch Kit
Item : 1101924
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  • Kit includes 64 page project book, blending stump, sharpener, sandpaper block, 6 drawing pencils, drawing paper, crayon, charcoal pencil, bow compass, multi- purpose template, artist triangle and rubber eraser
Fred&Friends Plunge Bottle Stopper
Item : 1076007
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  • Dimensions: 1.75" x 1.75" x 5.75"
  • Weight: 0.1 lbs
  • Material: Silicone Rubber
Fred&Friends Chit Chats Drink Markers
Item : 1076014
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  • Includes (48) ChitChats along with a marker pen
  • These static cling stickers work on glass, ceramic, or smooth plastic; they remove instantly; and they're reusable
  • Dimensions 0.12"(w) x 5.5"(h) x 7.0"(d)
Fred&Friends Doomed Skull Shot Glass
Item : 1076012
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  • hold 2 ounces of of liqiud
Sterling Some Ecards Postcards
Item : 1101918
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  • 41 wildly funny cards that could well save your sanity
Fred&Friends Wineo Bottle Bag
Item : 1076015
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  • Dimensions 3.4"(w) x 2.6"(h) x 11.5"(d)
  • Materials tyvek (synthetic paper)
Sterling DC Comics Superfriends
Item : 1101912
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  • Includes 2 exciting storybooks and stickers
Sterling Uber Origami How To
Item : 1101921
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Sterling Original Origami Paperbck
Item : 1101919
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  • Learn basic techniques and instructions for making a graceful paper crane
  • includes more than 300 pullout sheets of beautifully designed, colorful origami paper in animal skin prints, geometric patterns, and traditional Asian motifs
Sterling Disney Princess Kit
Item : 1101931
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  • Included stickers, press-out princess figures, hairbrush and play scene
  • 2 storybooks about Belle, Cinderella, and Rapunzel
Fred&Friends Bendy Wine Aerator
Item : 1076013
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  • Simple plastic construction disassembles for easy hand-washing
  • Silicone stopper adjusts to fit most any wine bottle
  • Dimensions 1.95"(w) x 0.92"(h) x 8.5"(d)