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StarTech® Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Mat for Standing Desks, Black (STSMAT)
Item #IM18H0113
  • Mat for standing desks
  • Dimensions: 0.7"H x 20.2"W x 30.3"L
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Quickly and accurately measure blood sugar levels using glucose meters. These portable devices feature built-in safety guards to prevent inaccurate tests by minimizing interference from environmental elements. They are lightweight and small enough to carry around in a purse, laptop bag, or suitcase.

Easily Monitor Your Results
Many glucose meters save information from up to 300 or more test times, so you can monitor how your blood sugar levels have changed over time or share the readings with your healthcare provider. These devices also feature large displays that present the readings in clear easy-to-read numbers to minimize confusion, and a few also have voice assistance that reads the measurement out loud for people with visual challenges. This ensures you clearly understand the results, so you can take appropriate steps to manage your blood sugar.

Uses the Smallest Amount of Blood Possible
Some glucose meters only require a tiny blood sample, which minimizes discomfort and lets you run the test faster. Other models save time by notifying you when the sample you've given is not large enough, letting you add more blood to the glucose testing strip without compromising the accuracy of the results. Some devices also let you perform the test on alternate parts of the body such as the forearm or palm.

Portable Results for an Active Lifestyle
These glucose meters are small and lightweight, allowing users to carry with them wherever they go. This means you can always have your meter on hand to test your blood sugar levels, minimizing the risk of an adverse event. Simply place in your purse or briefcase when you're driving around town or in your carry-on bag to take with you while traveling.

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