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Glucose test strips make it easy for diabetics and those diagnosed with low blood sugar levels to monitor their blood sugar throughout the day. When used with the right meter, the strips provide an accurate reading. You can see whether your sugar is high or low before and after eating.

Ample Strips
Glucose test strips come in boxes that contain hundreds of test strips. You can carry strips in your car or bag and keep extra strips at work. When using the strips in a medical office, you'll have enough on hand to test hundreds of patients.

Suitable for Most Meters
Search for test strips that work with the glucose meters that you use at home or with your patients. Testing strips come in a wide range of sizes and styles that fit specific meters that professionals and patients use every day.

Quick Response Time
Find out how high or low your blood sugar is in mere seconds. Some strips and meters will give you results in 30 seconds or less. That fast response time is convenient, especially if you're measuring blood sugar during a medical emergency and need to quickly administer glucose.

Easy to Use
Glucose testing strips are easy to use, especially if you follow the included directions. Remove the strip from its package, place one end inside the testing meter, and ensure it is in place. Once you prick your finger with a lancet, you can place a drop of blood on the strip and get your results quickly.

GE Blood Glucose Test Strips, (GE100)
GE Blood Glucose Test Strips, (GE100)
Item #2122957
Model #GE100TS
  • Blood glucose test strips satisfies the needs of diabetics in mind
  • Suitable with GE100 blood glucose monitoring system
4.5 out of 5 stars with 2 reviews
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GE Normal Level Control Solution, 4 ml (GE100)
GE Normal Level Control Solution, 4 ml (GE100)
Item #2122955
Model #GE100CS
  • Normal level control solution offers quality control cheques to ensure that glucose meters and test strips are working right
  • Dimensions: 2.25"H x 1.12"W x 1.12"D
0 out of 5 stars with 0 reviews
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