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Growing Light Fixtures

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Growing light fixtures deliver artificial sunlight to indoor flower beds, vegetable gardens, or stand-alone plants. Cultivate exotic plants for sale in your retail establishment year round, or boost garden output by starting early. Lights can be used in homes, businesses, and greenhouses.

Boost Nursery Sales
Incorporate growing light fixtures into your nursery or plant shop, and bring delicate flowers to life in controlled environments. Draw in more customers when you offer exotic fresh floral arrangements or live orchid purchases year round.

Enhance Seedling Growth
Seedlings are especially prone to damage from drought, frost, or deluge. No matter where your garden or nursery is located, enhance the growth of seedlings by cultivating them indoors under growing light fixtures. Indoor growth often reduces plant loss, and you can transfer successful seedlings to larger containers for selling to customers or to outdoor gardens for continued growth and harvest.

Make Use of Indoor Space
Growing light fixtures let you take advantage of all your retail or working nursery space. Fill back storage rooms with portable flowerbeds, or arrange pretty plant containers in display areas. Install grow lights over each area to foster lush plant life that draws customers to your location for repeated purchases. Grow lights also let you create multi-tiered gardens while ensuring all plants receive optimal light exposure.

Create Interchangeable Grow Lighting
Growing light fixtures are available for a variety of situations, and you can take advantage of interchangeable parts from many brands. Select light bulbs that meet the needs of specific plants, or buy fixtures that feature the mounting options that work best in your space.

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Hydrofarm RDUN Radiant Light Reflector
Item: 1261333 / Model : 13757547
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  • Product Type: Light Reflector
  • Material: Steel
  • Aluminum interior for maximum efficiency
163.39 $163.39
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