Staples offers a wide range of sport and duffel bags, along with other luggage and travel accessories, including totes and handbags, for easy and convenient transport in the daily routine. The ideal bag provides the balance between keeping contents safe and withstanding the stresses of demanding use. The essential features to consider when choosing a sports bag include the volume and length, ease of packing and unpacking, durability, and ability to carry and transport, among others.

Consider the volume and length of the bag
The 70- to 120-liter bag range can hold up to 50 pounds, ideal for extended trips of three to four days. The 90- to 100-liter bags are easier to pack and can fit extra equipment more comfortably. The small 70-liter duffel bag is good for lighter content, and it works best for warmer climate adventures. Select a sports bag that can carry lengthy activity-specific equipment, such as ski poles, to avoid inconvenience later on.

Choose a duffel bag that's easier to pack and unpack
When shopping for a bag, consider the shape and position of the main compartment zipper and the additional pockets. The D-shaped zippered opening is easy to close, and it allows more access to space when packing. The U-shaped zipper's clamshell design makes it easier to find any item in the duffel bag compartments when unpacking. Select a bag with additional pockets for small items that are easy to lose. The pockets should be easily accessible when the bag is full to facilitate easy unpacking.

Consider the durability of the bag
Choose a durable bag that's resistant to wear from frequent handling and weather conditions. Materials, such as ballistic nylon and thick polyurethane, are water-resistant and ideal for packing liquids. Some bags have reinforced bottom layers or metal studs to strengthen resistance to wear and tear. Check that the seam stitching and closures are sturdy to reduce the chances of tearing.

Choose a sports bag that is easy to carry and transport
Staples offers wheeled duffel bags that work best for less remote destinations. The traditional duffel bag is generally ideal for uneven terrains and is modifiable for attachment to sleds, pack animals, and other nontraditional methods of transport.

Some models combine the handheld, shoulder-held, and backpack mode for versatility and convenient carriage during long hikes. Consider buying a bag with replaceable or removable straps to prevent damage on conveyor belts during an inspection. Find a bag with grab loops, compression straps, and good lashing points for secure attachment to vehicles and to fit in tiny spaces.

Other features to consider
Most airlines and transport agencies limit passengers to 50 pounds per bag, depending on their destinations. It's essential to choose a duffel bag that's 7 to 9 pounds lighter than conventional traveling bags to fit more items without exceeding the limits. Lockable zippers are also ideal for improved security for more remote trips.

Can you use a duffel as a primary travel bag?
The wheeled duffel bag or one that you can use in backpack mode is a more practical travel bag.

Is a duffel bag as secure as a suitcase?
Some bags are durable and have additional security features to secure your gear.

What shouldn't you put in a sports bag?
Avoid sharp and firm objects that could damage the fabric during handling and transport. Keep all liquids under control to prevent spillage.
Ergodyne® Arsenal® Polyester Gear Bag With F & R Logo, Red, Large
Item #43665
Model #13305
  • Large F&R Gear Bag
  • 600D Polyester w/PVC Backing
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Olympia Polyester Luggage Sports Plus 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag 22", Black/Yellow
Item #1074743
Model #SRD-22-BK+YE
  • Material: Polyester
  • Dimension: 22"H x 12"W x 12"D
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Olympia 8 pocket Carry On Rolling Upright Duffel Bag 22", Navy
Item #1074748
Model #SRD-22-NY
  • Material: Polyester
  • Dimension: 22"H x 12"W x 12"D
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Perry Ellis Medium Weekender Travel Duffel Bag with Shoe Pocket (PE-SD-A222-BK)
Item #2608035
Model #PE-SD-A222-BK
  • Duffel bag constructed of dobby nylon for durability.
  • Spacious main compartment for weekend travel.
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Natico Blue and Black Polyester All Sport Duffel Bag (60-DB-18BL)
Item #24134889
Model #60-DB-18BL
  • Durable and Functional Sports Bag
  • Three Outer Mesh Pockets for water and Other Accessories
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McKlein Carry-all Duffel, Kinzie, Top Grain Cowhide Leather, Black (88195)
Item #24381005
Model #88195
  • Unisex Duffel
  • Tablet Pocket
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Travelway 24"W Black Travel Duffel Bag (RQ26629)
Item #24417144
Model #B0407 00 BLK
  • This travel bag is perfect for big carry-on
  • Dimensions: 16"H x 24"W x 8"D
Pick up in 1 hour
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Solo New York 22"W Gray Travel Duffel Bag (UBN980-10)
Item #24412315
Model #UBN980-10
  • Duffel bag for traveling
  • Dimensions: 12"H x 22"W x 12"D
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Natico Black Polyester Carry All Duffel Bag (60-DB-15BK)
Item #24134865
Model #60-DB-15BK
  • Spacious Main Compartment
  • Lightweight with a Fabric Wrapped Carry Handle
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Zodaca Lightweight Durable Full-Zip Yoga Mat Gym Sports Bag with Pocket & Adjustable Shoulder Strap - Black/Khaki
Item #24230170
Model #2375991
  • Made of durable microfiber material
  • The bag is durable and lightweight which makes it ideal to take to your office, school, park and gym
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