HP Laser Printers

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An HP® LaserJet printer is a tough, highly reliable tool for any business, school, or home office. LaserJet printers create clean, easy-to-read documents that make it simple to meet the quality demands of clients. The high-speed output of an HP printer is equally important and helps meet deadlines for financial statements, lab reports, and many other high-level documents.

An HP LaserJet Printer Produces Clean, Precisely Printed Documents
A black monochrome laser printer meets the usual day-to-day needs of a business office. This printer's 4800 x 600dpi resolution turns out professional-looking correspondence and contracts to let clients know they are valued.

One model HP laser printer puts out 40ppm to complete important jobs when speed is important. Whether it is connected directly to an individual computer or on a wireless network, this hard-working machine produces up to 80,000 pages a month to keep an office running smoothly. A 100Base-TX network port increases reliability.

In addition to USB and Ethernet cable connections, some printers offer Bluetooth® connectivity. Mobile-friendly printers interface directly with smartphones and tablets with the HP ePrint application, so there is no need to download files from a mobile device to a PC or laptop for printing output.

An HP LaserJet Color Printer Maximizes Office Versatility
Step up to a color printer and present impressive sales materials to potential customers. Vibrant color and automatic duplexing saves time and paper to make quick work of brochures and catalogs. It is easy to print from anywhere in the office with the Wi-Fi option or connect directly to a high-speed USB port at a nearby desk.

An HP LaserJet Color Printer Brings Professional Functions to a Home Office
An all-in-one color machine prints, copies, scans, and faxes on a compact machine and serves the entire family on a wireless router. This multitasking device saves time and valuable work space. A 3-inch color LCD touchscreen provides easy control of printer functions, allowing everyone in the house to use the machine.

What Is a 100Base-TX Network Port in an HP LaserJet Printer?
The 100 refers to the transmission speed in megabits per second. Base means that Ethernet signals are carried on the wires. TX refers to the structure of the actual wires, which is two sets of data-grade, twisted-pair wires. This type of high-speed connection to a printer is durable and reliable, making it a solid choice for busy offices.

How Does an HP LaserJet Printer Manage Output From Many Users at Once?
HP manufactures printers with 1.5GB of storage that easily manage large printing jobs from more than one user. Jobs are queued in the order that individuals send them, so users don't have to wait long for their printing jobs. Built for up to 10 users, the printing machine can handle up to 35,000 pages per month. Color printing up to 31ppm increases to 42ppm when printing black ink alone. Many machines have space for expansion to keep up with a growing organization. JetIntelligence technology monitors functions between the printer and HP high-yield toner cartridges to speed printing and produce up to 58 percent more pages.

How Is an HP LaserJet Printer Different From an Inkjet Printer?
HP laser printers turn out documents with toner fused to the paper via pressure and heat. Prints don't smudge or smear when exposed to liquids or highlighters. Inkjet printers use quick-drying wet ink. The ink may smear or bleed when exposed to water, unless it is one of the black inks formulated to set permanently and resist liquids.