HP Printers

HP® printers provide document processing solutions that meet the needs of home users, small businesses, and large organizations. They include all-in-one devices that handle a broad range of document production tasks as well as dedicated machines that provide high-speed, reliable output and meet the demands of large workgroups or entire organizations. These printers also offer flexible connection options, making it simple to print from desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, or USB thumb drives.

Create Professional-Looking Documents With HP Printers
HP inkjet and laser products combine high-resolution printing with ink and toner processing technologies, quickly creating beautiful color images and crisp black-and-white output. Home and small business printers produce 6 to 20 pages per minute (ppm), while workgroup or departmental printers deliver up to 50 ppm. Most HP printers also include paper-handling features that process a broad range of page sizes and paper weights, and many have manual feeds that handle media such as envelopes, greeting cards, and trifold brochures, allowing users to print a range of items in additional to typical documents.

An all-in-one HP printer does more than print. It also scans and copies existing documents and sends faxes. Most all-in-one products include software that turns paper reports, memos, and manuals into searchable PDF, RTF, or text files, enhancing document usability. Scanners with resolutions as high as 1200 x 1200 dpi capture photos to standard TIFF, JPEG, BMP, or PNG image files that are compatible with most image-processing applications.

Print From Almost Any Device With HP Printers
HP products offer a variety of connection options. Any model with a USB port provides a dedicated link to a single computer and some support printing from or scanning to a thumb drive. Products with an Ethernet port simplify device sharing in a networked office environment. Models with built-in Wi-Fi support wireless printing protocols such as Mopria™ and Apple® AirPrint®. Users can access printer capabilities from almost any smartphone or tablet.

What Are the Differences Between Inkjet and Laser HP Printers?
Both inkjet and laser printers create high-quality output, but there are some performance differences between the two products. Laser printers are often faster than inkjets and have a lower cost per printed page. They're an ideal option for busy offices that produce many pages of output. Inkjets typically offer better color output than comparable laser printers, making them a smart choice for photo printing.

What Operating Systems Support HP Printers?
HP products are compatible with most versions of Microsoft® Windows®, Apple OS X®, and Linux™. Mobile devices running Google Android™ or Apple iOS can use HP's ePrint application to access Wi-Fi-enabled printers. Some network printers also accept print jobs via email, eliminating the need for system-dependent driver software.

What Paper Formats and Weights Do HP Printers Handle?
While the specific media-handling characteristics of these products vary by model, almost all printers have auto-feed trays that hold letter, legal, A4, A5, or A6 paper. Many models also support single- and double-sided printing and have manual feeds that handle media such as index cards, envelopes, labels, and photo paper. Most HP products print to plain and glossy paper or card stock with a media weight between 16 and 110 pounds.