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When winter weather brings freezing temperatures, Ice Melt will keep your sidewalks and steps clear. Designed to melt ice on contact, this product is great to use around your office or job site before and after any big storm. The odorless and colorless pellets are easy to spread and will create heat quickly.

An Alternative to Rock Salt
Ice Melt works by combining magnesium chloride and calcium pellets. The mixture of these two substances produces heat--and ice-free sidewalks--quickly. It works so fast that you'll need less product to properly clear a surface than you would with rock salt.

Safe for Sidewalks
When a nasty storm hits, Ice Melt is a great way to keep your sidewalks, your steps, and any surrounding areas clear. This product is made to quickly melt ice on frozen pavement, so your employees will be able to make it to the office without slipping on their way to the door.

Melts Ice in Extreme Temperatures
Besides generating heat quickly, Ice Melt will effectively de-ice your pavement in temperatures as low as -15 degrees Fahrenheit. It's the perfect supply for when you need to clear a path and shovel snow early in the morning.
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