Air Conditioners

An air conditioner cools the air and helps reduce humidity levels to create a comfortable environment. They're widely used in the home and workplace during the warmer months of the year. Staples carries a number of window-mount, built-in and portable air conditioners from popular companies such as RCA, Honeywell and Frigidaire.

Varying Size Air Conditioners for Different Room Sizes
Air conditioners come in various sizes including small, medium and large units. One of the main considerations when purchasing is the size of the room it's meant to cool. Smaller rooms, such as individual offices and bedrooms, can benefit from a unit with 5,000 BTUs. Larger rooms, including living areas and open office spaces that encompass several hundred square feet, are better off with a larger BTU rating up to 18,000. Warmer climates, like in the southern states, or those with higher humidity levels benefit from units that incorporate a dehumidifier. Smaller units offer around 1 pint per hour while larger units remove up to 95 pints a day.

Installation Methods for Varying Air Conditioners Uses
Wall air conditioners are meant for temporary use; you install them during the months they're needed most and remove them when the weather cools off. Those looking for a more permanent solution will find built-in models as well as ductless split systems that are suitable for large buildings as a more economical solution. Through-the-wall units are more powerful and offer longevity as they're meant for permanent installation. Portable air conditioners increase versatility, letting you move them where they're needed most at any given time. They come with wheels that make them easy to maneuver and often have a dumping tray to manually remove liquid that collects with a dehumidifier. Select models use auto-evaporation systems to create a no-drip solution.

Air Conditioners Offer Beneficial Features for Increased Functionality
Most cooling units come with a host of features that increase their functionality. LED touchscreens with digital displays let you adjust and monitor the settings such as temperature, speed and sleep mode. Programmable window air conditioners make it easy to set the unit to turn on or off at specific intervals, which is beneficial for home users who can set the unit to turn on an hour before they arrive home. All air conditioners have a filter that traps particles, bacteria, and allergens in the air. While many models have a replaceable filter, some integrate washable types that last longer and eliminate the extra cost of replacements. Indicator lights alert you to when it needs changing or washing.

Remote controls make it easy to adjust temperatures and other settings without having to touch the unit directly. This comes in handy for large rooms or offices when simple adjustments are needed. Multiple fan speeds let users choose the appropriate level, using higher speeds to cool off a room quickly and lower speeds to maintain current temperatures.

Those with Energy Star certification help cut down on the cost of operation. Some models have vents that open and close, with a built-in directional switch to focus the air on a single location while others have oscillating heads that operate much like a fan, spreading the air throughout the room. Staples carries a wide selection of office supplies that help keep businesses moving forward.