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Imation Blank Media

Imation RDX CDs and DVRs are essential for storing data such as music and photos on portable discs. They hold your data for storage or audio and video for use in CD or DVD players.

Consider the Ample Storage Space of Imation RDX Discs
CD-Rs are useful for storing music or images securely. Transfer up to 700MB of data at 52x maximum write speed and view it from any compatible device capable of reading compact discs. DVD-Rs can hold up to 4.7GB and are ideal for cataloging video and other larger files or keeping entire archives of projects in one place. Imation discs use high-quality dye layers to minimize failure rates when writing and transferring files. CD-Rs with 700MB of space store up to 80 minutes of audio, making them useful for creating mix "tapes" or albums. DVD-Rs provide up to 120 minutes of playback time. 

Label Imation CD-Rs for Efficient Organization
The uncluttered design allows you to label CD-Rs according to content for simple organization and storage. Use a felt-tip permanent marker or pre-printed, professional-grade sticker labels to customize the discs and make them easy to find and sort through. On-disc printers let users print customized designs onto the CD itself. With the right labels and a matching template, users can print the same custom designs onto CD-shaped labels, then stick those to the CD.

Are Imation RDX Discs Available in Bulk?
Discs come in quantities up to 100 per pack. Bulk packs are valuable if you are in need of a reliable supply or have a large amount of data to store. The space-saving spindle design is compact and allows all unused discs to store safely together. 

What Kinds of Data Can You Store on Imation CD-Rs and DVDs?
CD-Rs and DVD-Rs are helpful for making backup copies of a wide range of data. Music, still images, and video all are prime candidates for such shareable storage solutions. Discs can also be useful in creating reserve logs of programs or valuable files. DVD-RW discs are an efficient option that allow you to record and re-record up to 1,000 times. Rewriting is especially handy when you have large amounts of photos or video to continuously add to a disc. 

What Do You Use to Transfer Data to Imation CD-Rs?
Most home computers with disc drives can burn data onto CDs and DVDs. Many music and video programs have data-burning tools as well and recognize when a blank disc is present. In both circumstances, you use the device's interface to transfer standard files on the disc in the drive. Burning Imation CD-Rs at 4x write speed helps to keep the process free of errors and ensures higher quality audio. Higher write speeds are substantially faster but can result in errors and lower quality.

How Durable Are CDs and DVDs?
Protect discs from direct sunlight and damage such as scratches so they remain functional. Discs within protective cases can safely store data and remain playable for years. Lint-free cloth and distilled water are ideal for cleaning discs that accumulate dust. Other safety measures include limiting exposure to humidity and touching only the outer edges when handling. 
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Imation 41115 30GB Native/60GB Compressed SLRtape60 Data Cartridge
Item : IM18N5303
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  • Data cartridge
  • Storage capacity: 30GB (native), 60GB (compressed)
  • Compatible with Tandberg SLR60
155.99 $155.99
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Imation 100/Pack 16X 4.7GB DVD+R, Spindle
Item : 649777
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  • 120 minute length
  • Write-once format
  • 4.7GB, single sided
38.49 $38.49
Imation 50/Pack 16X 4.7GB DVD+R, Spindle
Item : 582278
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  • 50 per pack
  • 120 minute length
  • Write-once data storage
23.99 $23.99